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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Can planes fly as fast through skyscrapers as they can through air ?

It seems unlikely... Thanks to Killtown for this.


Anonymous said...

what´s your point with this???no plane or a hologram???looked like a plane to me.

Anonymous said...

This is a very unscientific analysis, Ziz. The plane is disintegrating inch by inch at the wall of the building. The thin and light components are being turned into confetti and the strong and heavy components such as the engines, landing gear and main spar have enough energy to burst through the VERY heavy columns - as can be seen in the plethora of aftermath pics, during the time under review.

An aeronautical engineer could explain, using the formula for kinetic energy (which would enable one to appreciate the energy in every kg of any fast-moving object), why the plane doesn't, and doesn't appear, to slow down significantly.

How does Killtown think the plane should have behaved? Do they say? If so, has it been verified or is the assertion merely defended by a writer of polemics and rhetoric?

It's time that "Truthers" learnt some elementary math and physics, instead of making vacuous unverified claims and asking people to prove them wrong. Let's, for once, put the shoe on the other foot and demand that Killtown tell us how much the plane should have slowed down and show us the computations of some accredited building structure and aeronautical engineers to prove it.


Anonymous said...

agreed Hoarsewhisperer,

I like Lord Patels Blog but this post is a letdown.Not one of your better ones sorry.

ziz said...

The entire technical team are agnostic on this one. It is the profound desire of Lord Patel to iritate the tits off people at times.

Regrettably this blog is not the revealed truth about anything - however the remarkable paucity of bits of 2 aeroplanes and their engines at WTC does require some explanation - as do many , many other things that day.

The fillum does appear counter intuitive, bits don't drop off, etc., no apparet deceleration ....

We also have folks questioning the Reuters / Human Rights Watch story about the use of Cluster Bombs by the Russkis.

Anonymous said...

anyway fuck the details.we are all agreed on one thing I hope,911 was most definitely an inside job.

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