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Friday, August 22, 2008

David Davies rentagob for the Today programme - umasked

The BBC have a shock horror story online about how someone from PA consulting had a memory lapse and lost their memory stick which contained un-encrypted details about 10,000 prolific offenders as well as names, dates of births and some release date of all 84,000 prisoners in England and Wales - and 33,000 records from the police national computer.

If you are quick you can listen to the Today programme recording of Ms Montgomery mistaking David Davies Conservative MP for David Davis MP. ex Conservative front bench Shadow Home Secretary.

Seems reflexive perhaps for anyone at the BBC to assume that they are talking to the man who re-elected himself with the help of the shadowy folks*** a Total Politics, Liberty, Fleishman-Hillard Inc.,

****Iain Dale, blogiste, wannabe Conservative MP and it appears "Publisher" of Total Politics, plus Paddy Pantsdown , Hi Pooh Bah at one time of Bosnia and long term MI6 agent, and joined by felloe Liberal and leadership contender Chris Huhne . The spooky Ian Denis McShane of shifting nationality, name and alliances. The night time caller of David Davies (ex MP) , would be litigant of Andy Burnham the lissome ex Home Office lawyer, doe eyed scarf adjusting Shami Chakrabarti all appeared on the previous website as major names behind this project (whose funding seems somewhat unclear - well totally opaque) .

Not forgetting Guto Hari former BBC correspondent who had just joined Fleishman-Hillard Inc., one of the world's biiggest PR agencies whose junior staff member staff Paul Borge quietly registered David Davis's website and rather rapidly switched it to DD when unmasked by blogiste (unmentioned by the incurious press / TV) but roundly criticised by the teenage hooligans who "comment" on Guido's website.


stef from north london said...

I'm starting to think that this latest data loss story is a gaffe too far

What are the chances that a firm like PA have such lax controls over the security of their data that someone could plonk it on a memory stick, would have some kind of need to put that unencrypted data on a memory stick anyway, lose that memory stick and then, most incredibly, permit the entire world to find out about it?

ziz said...

Tim Collins blog March 27th at Computer Weekly -

"Prison Service and IT staff are trying to correct errors in the networked Local Inmate Database System [Lids] - which holds records on more than 80,000 prisoners - after the Service's IT supplier EDS discovered that thousands of records contained incorrect information or data was incomplete or missing.

About thirty thousand offenders - 37% of the total in the database - did not have a criminal records number, and more than 21,000 - 26% of the total - did not have a police national computer number. The system provides information on transfers of offenders to and from prison, and records their risk rating. "

This lengthy piece dissects many of the Home Office problems and has links to many other pieces.

Particularly liked ..."One official said:

“The system is so old some of the fields are open to be used for purposes other than what they’re supposed to be used for.
“The screens look a bit like the very old [table-tennis] computer games where a ball bounces off a block. When you’re booking a visit for a prisoner the field you use is the field that’s supposed to be used for special dietary requirements.”

1.It is evident that LIDS as a system is literally not fit for purpose.

2. It is evident that its much delayed successor C-Nomis (installed by March in 3 prisons ) has problems.

It is not impossible that some major criticism was being provided by a savvy outside consultant who then found that they had "lost" something.

Tim Collins says in the above blog entry "The Prison Service’s current IT supplier EDS analysed the quality of data in Lids in advance of the rollout of C-Nomis. It found that some records on the database had made-up surnames such as “self-harm,” and 194 offenders had no surname at all."

Was PA in the process of undertaking a further such survey and in the process revealing some very embarassing facts ?

Read Tim Collins Blog. He is always exceptionally well informed.

Stef said...


Michael_M said...

Evil Mastermind ?? Damn, but that guy reminds me of Barry George. Now, who was his Brief again ??

JFW. Do I sound angry??

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