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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Friday, August 08, 2008

Georgia starts major attack on South Ossetia - Russia starts upping the ante

Опубликовано обращение народа Южной Осетии к правительствам и народам Мира!
На сайте Цхинвал.ru опубликовано обращение народа Южной Осетии к правительствам и народам Мира!

Which translates as "The appeal of the people of South Osetia to governments and peoples of peace is published! On the site Of [tskhinval].ru is published the appeal of the people of South Osetia to governments and peoples of peace!

This is the latest urgent plea on the website of the Press Information of the Republic of South Ossetia http://comnf.org/ - English version (behind in news) is http://comnf.org/english/

The town / village of Tskhinval (see Wikipedia) is under seige and their appeal is ...

8.08.2008 - 20:23 (GMT + 3)
Appeal to the Governments and peoples of the world!
Please, help us stop genocide of the small people of the South Ossetia! The small country, which has been constantly destroying for 19 years by Georgian fascists.

And the world community conceal all the atrocities of Georgia for the sake of geopolitical interest of the USA. Conflict resolution is completely in international law.

However, the Georgian side skillfully uses methods of historical falsifications, political insinuations. Georgia enjoys the patronage of a criminal government of the USA, and presents events in the world misrepresented.At the moment the most part of South Ossetia is erased by the Georgian aggressors.

There continue to die elderly, women, children.The death toll is unknown, because of the Georgian side fired them all who tried to help the wounded. Children are among them.

Not comparable with anything Georgian cruelty let know even in 91-92 years. When Georgians at point-blank range shot civilians of South Ossetia, as the example of the bus which was driving with people on bypass road, Zar.

No one will forget it!Georgian fascists made all people go out, from the bus and fired them. They also fired point-blank women and children and kids .

They fired even the little three-year-old boy, who hid away under the body of his mother.

What else can we say of Georgia? They buried people alive, burnt them and tortured them in different methods. After all that the world community is silent and Georgians continue to kill. Saakashvili doesn’t feel sorry for anybody, even for his Georgians.

For him, the notion of "people" and "meat" is not much different and probably, he prefers more the second.There is only one way for peace - it is declaration of the independence by the world community. We call on all decent people of the world not to remain indifferent to the fate of the Ossetian people.

We have been following events in breakaway Abkhazia and South Ossetia (here) for some years and the latest Friday, July 04, 2008 Russian backed breakaway South Ossetian capital Tskhinvali shelled from Georgia , which covered the shelling of Tskhinval resulting in several deaths.

This is a long and convoluted struggle now inflamed because (partly) Russia will not recognise the US manufactured statelet, gangster hinterland and site of huge US base called Kosovo carved out of Serbia. (See KLA is CIA Lab / Bondsteel camp - Byzantine Blog)

So the Russkis are helping the Abkhazians ( a major smuggling route) and South Ossetians (total pop = 70,00)with their special Gazprom gas supply so if the Georgian gas is cut off they remain warm in winter at least. It is also related to the BTC pipeline Baku / Tblisi / Ceyhan and US moves to get Georgia and the Ukraine within the NATO family threatening Russias southern flank.

From midnight tonight Russia ceases air traffic to Georgia Россия с полуночи прекращает воздушное сообщение с ГрузиейРоссия с 9 августа прекращает воздушное сообщение с Грузией, сообщил в пятницу представитель пресс-службы Минтранса РФ.

It is also reported that The Russian President RF Dmitriy Medvedev, said on opening of the special conference of the Russian Security Council, that Russia will not allow the unpunished loss of its compatriots in the Caucasus. " In accordance with the constitution and the federal legislation as the President RF, I am obliged to protect life and honour of Russian citizens, wherever they not were located. The logic of the steps undertaken by us now is dictated by these circumstances. We will not allow the unpunished loss of our compatriots. The guilty will carry deserved punishment [nakazanie]".

Президент РФ Дмитрий Медведев, заявил на открытии экстренного совещания российского Совбеза, что Россия не допустит безнаказанной гибели своих соотечественников на Кавказе.Цитируем: "В соответствии с Конституцией и федеральным законодательством, как президент РФ, я обязан защитить жизнь и достоинство российских граждан, где бы они ни находились. Логика предпринимаемых нами сейчас шагов продиктована этими обстоятельствами. Мы не допустим безнаказанной гибели наших соотечественников. Виновные понесут заслуженное наказание".

Sky News is good, BBC news is but they quaintly refer to the Ossetians as "separatists". CNN has good coverage - they say Georgian forces have shot down two and four Russian aircraft in the same story .

"I saw bodies lying on the streets, around ruined buildings, in cars," Lyudmila Ostayeva, a resident of the South Ossetia capital, Tskhinvali, told The Associated Press.

"It's impossible to count them now. There is hardly a single building left undamaged," she said after fleeing to a village near the Russian border, AP reported.

One U.S. State Department official called the conflict a "very dangerous situation" and said diplomatic moves are afoot around the globe to stop it - having of course done a great deal to stoke it up already.

For more readily accessible information on recent developments Wikipedia War in South Ossetia (2008) Pic above from BBC -Georgians bomb separatists

Daily Telegraph "Over 1,300 people are reported dead after Russian forces responded to a Georgian attack on rebels in the breakaway province of South Ossetia by mounting a full scale invasion. "
Guradian"Georgia and Russia were today on the brink of full-scale war after Russian tanks rolled across the border to back separatists in the breakaway South Ossetia region." Good bcaground piece here Independent - South Ossettia leader says 1,400 killed in conflict
Times - Russia turns might of its war machine on rebel neighbour Georgia
New York Times -Rusian Troops Enter Rebel Enclave Georgian Forces Push Into South Ossetia’s Capital
Novosti Over 1,000 civilians have been killed as the result of an attack by Georgia on the capital of its breakaway republic of South Ossetia, the North Ossetian nationalities minister said Friday.

"According to the South Ossetian information and press committee, the number of fatalities is estimated, according to preliminary information, at over 1,000," Teimuraz Kasayev said.

North Ossetia is part of Russia. Many reports talk of Georgians involved in "ethnic cleansing"

Der Spiegel - Russia Marches into South Ossetia Photo Gallery

BBC World News at midnight BST report that Russian bombs have fallen on cities and ports , military targets in S Georgia.

Now see later post Saturday, August 09, 2008 Georgian attacks on South Ossetia intensify as civilians flee under bombardment and shelling

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