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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Harry's Place pulled down by childish academic Israeli academic boycotters

Harry's Place is a blog. "Harry's Place may be removed (or rather have it's DNS disabled) after a 'complaint' to the company that the domain name is registered with. (it is down) (cached Home Page here)

Harry explains ; "We assume after threats were made on the weekend that this 'complaint' originates from Jenna Delich or her supporters." (A blogspot archive of material is here)

"Though we have not yet seen the complaint submitted, we assume it runs along the lines that pointing out that Ms Delich linked to the website of a known neo-Nazi figure and former Ku Klux Klan leader is defamatory." More here and here

No details have been provided of letters communications firms of solicitors involved etc.,There is however a lengthy detailed and fairly urgid and academic explanation of the rather arcane row between Harry's Place and the delicious Jenna Delich which appears to be fundamentally about the use of the word "links" which may be used ;

1. As a url link - here is a link to the "Listen again" BBC 4 programme Jatropha the Wonder Plant first aired yesterday - highly recommended.

2. To suggest that there is a moral/physical / actual connection - eg Tony Blair is linked to the death of Dr David Kelly

The link provided by the delightful Delich was to David Duke's website and more especially this web page with an aticle by Joe Quinn. Apparently Delich pleaded ignorance when what David Duke actually stands for was pointed out to her - in which case she must be stupid beyond the realms of belief and sacked without delay or further argument.

She also said the facts speak for themselves ... for example as reported in the Times the BBC are guilty ...BBC news 'favours Israel' at expense of Palestinian view

Max Dunbar under a post confusingly entitled so Sue Me Mr Cushman usefully explains the histor of throwing toys out of the pram which seems, asinine and juvenile in the extreme. Mr Cushman it appears is not the homoseualist actor and agitator but another of the same surname. Mike Cushman, who is one of the official leaders of the boycott campaign (BRICUP) against Iraeli academics and has a sutiable academic demi-house trained beard and the woebegone look of a third rate polytechic gravy trainer.

The row has even reached the Jerusalem Post , once owned by the criminal Conrad Black they point out that the author of the aricle a man called Quinn who delich linked to himself linked to the Web site of convicted "Holocaust-denier" David Irving ranting about the 5 dancing shlomos glorifying the end of WTC 1 &2. It was of course the Jeruslaem Post which provided details of the 7/7 bomber's expert timing before the Police even knew the bomb timings were co-ordinated in an article by the ex head of Mossad Mr Halevy and school pal of Lord Levy, agent for titles to HMQ.

The link was discovered , and made more public by Engage, a group of left-wing trade unionists and self - confessed academics, active in the anti-boycott campaign.

Bob from Brockley helpfully points out that ..."the article to which Jenna Delich linked is not by David Duke. It is by one Joe Quinn and originally appeared on a 9/11 Truth Cult site called sott.net. It would not have reflected well on Jenna D if she had found the article there, but she didn't; she found it on a Ku Klux Klan site, which reflects on her rather worse."

He points to a post on Engage from an arsehole from Warwick University who hasn't discovered the use of punctuation or capital letters (or his Caps Lock or Shift keys haven't been expained to him) which ... well defies understanding . Judging by his picture his dentures need correcting to fit properly and remove his overbite.

The defence of free speech and the free use of the internet to express any views, images, is important, but we would be happier if it wasn't spent defending these wretched and windy academics. Better we get that bastard Usmanov's shady dealing , rapes and murders out in the public than worry about this juvenile squabble.

On a historical note Harry's Place refers to Hemingway's favourite hant in the 1920's - Harry's New York Bar near the Opera where he had been one of the earliest customers.

He actually told us that he much preferred the nearby but hard to find Le Trou dans la Mur - which indeed it is !. The easily missed entrance was on Boulevard des Capucines handy for the Cafe de la Paix and the Opera.

Now we wait for Mr David Davis and his gang of semi- detached democrats and libertarians to take up the cause and defend our historical freedoms on the web internet thing.


Stef said...

This business has a vaguely similar whiff to the recent 'expose' that 7/7 sceptics are secret holocaust deniers promoted by a few blogs that inhabit the same corner of cyberspace as Harry's Place (and shortly to feature in the BBC's totally objective and honest debunking of 7/7 conspiraloons)

that would be the whiff of irrelevant and distractive keyboard monkery

cf. anyone for a spot of brand tainting?

Stef said...

it's also heartwarming to see none other than Guido Fawkes promoting and supporting his political opposition(?) in this unfortunate, and totally uncontrived, business

sam_m said...

Poking around David Duke's site turned up this page with an illustrative map.
DD sounds like a windbaggy Pat Buchannan with lashings of anti-semitism thrown in.

(No doubt PB wouldn't be flattered but it serves the bastard right for voting for Dubyah after spending 3 years saying what a dangerous liability he was.)

ziz said...

Regrettably the Earth (I have just discovered) unlike the map is not flat and that a Great circle (straight path on a globe) route would actually take a path near the sites in Poland - depending where you start from in Iran and where you were aiming.

Note that Russki's popped off a Topol ICBM today to keep their hand in..

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