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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Northern Wreck's criminal CEO's pay to let you run your fingers through my hair old baldy shag bag's £1 Mn property empire and lucky young son's luck

Guy Basnett (P7 News of the World ) has a fascinating story about slim party loving, gym rat, gorgeous, brunette Amanda Smithson - readers will remember a post about this lady Sunday, June 22, 2008 Summer Lightning , who featured in the long runing saga of Northern Wreck - also a later one on Sunday, December 23, 2007 Applegarth the crook is adulterer as well - while he took his eye off the ball, somebody had their hands on his .

Imagine. We just thought she was the lucky lady from the rent to let, being shagged senseless by fun loving criminal and CEO Adam Applegarth - now 46 (another company asset going down ?) on his trips to Washington . She ...er...retired late 2007 to spend more time with her money and the well endowed shagger.

Now it appears the little vixen, whose slim beautifully toned ,sun kissed, supple, yet sinewy thighs have (so far) not been caressed by Lord Patel, has been shrewdly setting up and lining her little NEST egg - and we just thought she was on the nest!

1. May 2003 she checks in at the exclusive Wills Building in Newcastles trendy area for mistresses for a naughty £139,950 (we revealed this in this post)

2. September 2005 she splashes out on a mews house in the same super secure compound for a modest £193,000.

3. 3 months later December 2005 she pops open her purse for a spacious £187,000 pad on the trendy dockside Luxury apartments complex at Mariners Wharf - NE1 2BJ .
4. 6 days later Father Christmnas must have been busy because she laid out ... £155,000 for a bijou flatette in Otterburn Viallas in upscale Jesmond.
5. Six months later and again she is snapping up a delightful property in West Jesmond for a £150,500 family home (baby on the way maybe?) .

That is an eyewatering £816,500 ! In one 10 month period she spent £677,000 plus solicitors, etc., quite something for a well paid (ish) buy to let lady on £36K per annum less tax/NI/ Union subscriptions/ sexy underwear ... The News of the World says it's worth over £1 Mn now.

Checks on the Land Registry show that the sultry Smithson own all 5 properties (rumour has it she owns another) and unsurprisingly her mortgages are all with Northern Wreck which was run until September last year by her very well endowed mortgage king Adam Applegarth. It is also intersting that these transactions directly covered the period when the criminal CEO was unloading ALL his Northern Rock shares at the top of the market for £2.7Mn - he had sold on Lord Patel's birthday 25th Jan 2006 52,253 shares @ 957p = £500,061.21 and the next day 111,426 shares @ 957p = £1,066,346.82. So where does a girl who lost her job find the money to pay probably £7,000 a month mortgages, plus any capital costs, solicitors, Stamp Duty...??

She wasn't the only lucky one, Adam's son Gregory snapped up for a mere £329,000 a flat just doors away from her Mariners Wharf love pad she had bought just 10 days before !

Yes ... with the help of a Northern Wreck mortgage..

Nor was he the only lucky one - the Sunderland Cricket club whose shirts bear Northern Wreck sponsored logos from Northern Wreck received of £100,000 and agreed a £50,000 unsecured loan months before the crash. They are part of the Ashbrook Club.***

So who is the captain of the NUSC team that fields shagger and crook Adam Applegarth ? Well it's Greg Applegarth, (like his pic girls ? - more here) his son who has that pad handy for his dad's bit on the side. He is also the Northern Universities Students CCC Elite Newcastle representative (is he still a student ?) - you can e-mail him from here also

The News of the World say having taken his £2.2 Mn pension pot and £750K severance pay .." he is under investigation.."

***Ashbrooke is a mature residential area of tree lined avenues, elegant Victorian terraces and discreet mews set in the heart of the City of Sunderland. In the middle of this attractive area lie Ashbrooke Sports Club and Ashbrooke Social Club. Once known as "The Lords of the North" Ashbrooke's Victorian grounds have recently been revitalised ****under an ambitious scheme aimed at improving our facilities for both existing members and potential new members of the Club.

**** C/O Criminal CEO Applegarth and Northern Wreck's generosity ?sunderland.cricketclub@googlemail.com Phone 0191 5284536 if you want to ask.Dr. Grenville Holland is the Hon Treasurer and President of Cricket he also is the Welfare Officier and ensures the club matches the ECB Child Welfare Requirements (?)
Sunderland Cricket Club home to the baldy old crook Adam Applegarth criminal CEO of Nortehrn Wreck .. evidently used to going in on a sticky wicket..

Just pop postcode SR2 7HH into Google Earth or for her Mariners wharf love nest / property investment use NE1 2BJ

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