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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tamerlane takes a tumble

There is a first rate analysis and authoritative account of events in Georgia / South Ossetia / Abkhazia over the last few days at Moon of Alabam - War Nerdism also try War Nerd for a slightly more jocular approach to genocide.

2 fascinating items - see pic.

U.S. to fly supplies into war-torn Georgia
By Michael Hoffman - Staff writerPosted : Tuesday Aug 12, 2008 18:50:29 EDT Air Force Times

Air Force officials are putting plans together to fly supplies into Georgia (?) following Russian President Dmitri Medvedev’s order to end all military operations in the former Soviet state.

Air Force C-17s flew all of Georgia’s 2,000 troops deployed in Iraq to the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, on Sunday and Monday after the Georgian government recalled the troops and asked the U.S. to do so.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin criticized the U.S. for flying Georgia’s troops home from Iraq while Russia’s troops advanced into the country after fighting broke out over the disputed regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

“It’s a pity that some of our partners, instead of helping, are in fact trying to get in the way,” said Putin at a Russian Cabinet meeting. “I mean, among other things, the United States airlifting Georgia’s military contingent from Iraq effectively into the conflict zone.”

Which, like the Israeli military advice / supplies and recent NATO exercises somehow seems to have eluded the newsdesks in the UK Press / TV. Tamurlane ?

Click to enlarge ..

Airstrip No 3

UPDATE : Lord Patel’s Kyrgyzstan correspondent counted no less than 14 large US Air Force C-17's at Manas International Airport two days ago, but was prevented from taking pics by the presence of several burly police officers. No evident activity , and no US soldiers to be seen on the streets of Bishkek.

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