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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Turkey offers to build a dam, pipe water to Cyprus and give Greek Cyprus any water left over - Yeah, Yeah

Southern (Greek Cyprus) has severe problems with water - exacerbated with the influx of tourists in the summer and the need for crop irrigation in the early spring.

A plan to ship water in tankers from Greece has fallen apart in a shambolic and predictable chaos and restrictions on dometsic users have been widely ignored, so pools are filled, cars, dogs ,washed and extra tanks installed.

Now there is a fairly unbeleivable story that (currying favour in a fit if Eu-ism) Turkey will collect water in a dam and ship it in a submersible 80+ km pipeline to the parched island.

It will take 3 years to build the Alakopru Dam on Dragon Creek in Anamur town of the Mediterranean province of Mersin (a project first mooted in 1998) with the declared aim of pumping 75 million cubic meters of water yearly to the island, 15 of which will be used as drinking water and the rest for irrigation.

The Turkish State Minister Kursad Tuzmen said project design works would be finalized next year. "This project will be implemented to help TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) fight drought and carry out irrigated farming," Tuzmen was quoted as saying by the state-run Anatolian Agency.

The annual capacity of this uncosted and only partially planned pipeline is said to be more than the amount needed by the Northern Cyprus. Since the planning phase, it has been suggested that the surplus could be offered to the southern Greek Cypriot area as a goodwill gesture to speed up the peace process.

See The Cyprus Problem

1,619 persons who disappeared are still missing. These persons, 993 soldiers and 626 civilians, amongst them 112 women and 26 children under the age of 16, have been missing since the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 and as a direct consequence of it. Most of these persons were arrested by Turkish soldiers and were known to be alive in the occupied area or in detention in Turkey long after the cessation of hostilities. Despite the adoption of a number of United Nations resolutions and the establishment of a Committee on Missing Persons in 1981, the fate of the 1,619 missing persons has not yet been ascertained because of obstacles put forward by the Turkish side and because of lack of any cooperation on its part.
See : Friday, March 28, 2008 Cyprus - inaction, a building boom, lack of investment ... droughts, lead to predictable water shortages / rationing see also Monday, November 05, 2007 Cyprus remembers theft by Turks of Christian relics from ocupied churches in Christmas Stamps.

If this projects even starts, never mind completes Lord Patel will show his arse in Woolworths window... who have incidentally rejected an offer from madman Malcolm Walker of Iceland - the shares closed 6.65 pence a share on Friday = market value of £97 million. They sold 4 stores in June to waitrose for £22.5 Mn . Shares Closed Monday 7.36 p up 0.71 p = +10.68%


Anonymous said...

How does this proposal tie in with the Turkey to Israel gas/oil/water/optical cable pipeline plan?
marc b.

ziz said...

No connection at all as far as is known. The Cyprus project is uncosted and it is highly unlikely that anyone would find the money to undertake it.

The Israelis have had the hots for a link to Ashkelon for decades - not least to make some money by-passing shipments via Suez. Take a look at post Monday, June 18, 2007
USAFRICOM - Building the New Empire and the very,very odd folks at IASPS

IASPS - The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (IASPS), is a very odd think-tank set up in Jerusalem in 1984 with strong Likud support

Noy unconnected with 9/11

9/11 ( IASPS President and Founder is David Yerushalmi, and colleague of SANE founder Robert J Loewenberg. In 1991, teaming up with the Institute's policy experts, Yerushalmi was instrumental in establishing the Israel Export Development Co., Ltd., as an entrepreneurial policy tool to initiate radical free market reforms in Israel. Working along side fellow board members and shareholders such as Robert Tishman, Jerry Speyer, Larry Silverstein, Lawrence Tisch, Eugene Grant and Sy Syms)

Larry S was of course the guy whose 2 buildings fell down after being hit by aeroplanes.

These folks have been promoters of sucha pipeline and are no doubt involved in the project.

a very public sociologist said...

Interesting ... not tied to Turkey's bid for EU membership per chance?

Anonymous said...

I cannot foresee Turkish membership in the EU in the near future, water pipes or not. For one thing, the US and Israel have a stake in ensuring that Turkey (or at least the Turkish military) is tied to the US rather than the EU. It seems that they have been throwing sands in the gears for some time. Or perhaps I am too paranoid.
marc b.

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