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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The accidental distribution of chocolate vaginas - Idaho and sex : Amazing pictures !

Three judges in the Minnesota Court of Appeals in St. Paul were kept busy today. They were listening to lawyers explain exactly what Republican Senator Larry Craig was doing in the toilet stall before he was arrested in a Minneapolis airport restroom.

He has previoulsy pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of disorderly conduct and now wants to withdraw the guilty plea he freely made.

Billy Martin, the wide stride Republican's attorney , claimed there were not enough factual grounds to arrest Craig, and further, he claimed, that the law used was flawed. Billy said Craig’s behavior was , “as consistent with innocence as it is with guilt.”

Prosecution attorneys argued that Craig’s bathroom behavior involved “multiple intrusions” of another person’s private space.

The three wise judges have to make a decision within 90 days to allow him to withdraw and for the case top be dosmised or go to trial.

The Idaho Statesman (published in Boise)ran a lengthy and detailed story on 12th March this year about his activities in the washrooms of several cities coplete with many audio interviews of happy suppliers of meeting his needs.

Boise State University is currently causing ripples as they have been made to remove cash off couponse to the O!zone condom shop from their coupons book available in the Boise State Bookstore.

This isn't Boise's first encounter with small town values, at Christmas last year a tree decorated with coloured and festive condoms was removed from the plumbing shop to the Health and Wellness centre. .. because it made customers , "feel unconfortable".

Their most celebrated and best publicised stunt was when in August 2005 students (only a small number it seems) were accidentally distributed chocolate vaginas which eventually even excited Rush Limbaugh to comment.

Memorably Amy Salisbury, then-president for Idaho’s Progressive Student Alliance, said. "They vote, smoke and can potentially be drafted, but why can't they chew chocolate vaginas?”

Apparently Sarah Palin was at the University of Idaho class of '87

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"....why can't they chew chocolate vaginas?”

Obviously, it's a matter of taste.

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