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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Air Force LInk back reporting Air Power summaries - Nangalam get special treatment

Air Force Link reported 74 missionsover Afghanistan on 13th September 51 missions on 12 th September and 81 on 11th September ...they did of course bomb our allies in Iraq who are all subdued now but nonetheless on the three days reported 131 close support missions were flown - missions were also reported on 7th/8th/9th and 10th of September. This was totally proportionate .e.g Sept 9th - Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt IIs dropped general purpose 500-pound bombs, guided bomb unit-12s and fired cannon rounds onto anti-Afghan fighting forces using small arms fire from a building in the vicinity of Nangalam

The on-scene joint terminal attack controllera declared the missions were successful in every single case reported in detail . Indeed in years of reading reports we have yet to see a "close support mission" where JTAC reported an unsuccessful one.

The excerpt at the top of this post is from a blog From cow pastures to Ksosovo with a post dated earlier this year Sunday March 9th 2008 ... it continues " The reason that we conduct the Nangalam patrol so often is to become familiar with the locals and to make the locals of the village more comfortable with us,” said Staff Sgt, David Dzwick, 30, of Traverse City, Mich., a squad leader with 1st Platoon.

In order to monitor traffic in the village of Nangalam, and make sure that the enemy is not making the village their home, Soldiers of 1st Platoon enrolled the local shop owners and villagers into the Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment System to make sure that they are not wanted by the local police or government. "...."The Afghans of the village recognize these Soldiers and greet them warmly by welcoming them into their shops and cooperating in every way possible when asked to help. "
Perhaps there is a disconnect here ... ? One minute glad handing the next bombing the shit out of them ?

There is a well illustrated article by embedded journos Sebastian Junger with pics by Tim Hetherington of the 173rd Airborne in action in this area in Vanity Fair October 2008

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