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Monday, September 08, 2008

Just what is their common purpose ?

This letter addressed "Dear Peter" to Peter Wilson, Chief Constable of Fife, dated 21st March 2008 from, Common Purpose Mid Scotland, c/o University of Stirling, Airthry Castle, FK9 4LA makes fascinating reading . It is from the stop common purpose web site.

Essentially it tells Peter Wilson ..."Dear Peter", that as a member of the local Advisory Group, he is there in his private capacity, not as a representative of an organisation, and is therefore not obliged to provide information requested by a Freedom of Information request ...of which, " the number of such requests has increased considerably..."

Apart from the fact that there are many people anxious to discover as much as they can about this organisation, one wonders why, if Peter Wilson ..."Dear Peter" only represents himself they write to him as Chief Constable at work and not at his home?

Fascinating stuff.... read on This is a website where people who have been on course explain how they enjoyed / befefited etc., fairly smug bunch.


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ah come on take a lesson


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I just watched the lesson.Fuck me I never knew Pizzas were that important.

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