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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Salvia divinorum opens another door of perception

Salvia divinorum is a native South American species of the widespread Sage genus ,whose aromatic leaves are widely used in cooking. S. divinorum , known in Oaxaca as Maria Pastora or Hojas de la Pastora contains a psychoactive chemical (0.2% in dried plant material) Salvinorum A , which is a κ-opioid receptor agonist, possession and use of which is legal in most countries including most of Europe, the UK, USA (illegal in Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Delaware ) and Canada.

There are other states that control the drug - for example Sarah Palin's kids in Alaska would have problems if they used it, since they passed SB 38 which was was submitted Mar 19, 2007, which would add Salvia divinorum and salvinorin A to the state's list of scheduled substances.

Selling Salvia divinorum for human consumption as a "drug" is probably illegal in the US under the Food, Drug & Cosmetics Act and its sale as a drug would be regulated by the FDA.

allsalvia.co.uk will sell you online dried salvia leaf 1 Kg = £175 , dried leaf plus an added extract of varying strength from £20 to £45 per ounce.

They will also sell you Mazatec Salvia Divinorum Tincture. This is said to be a concentrated and premium grade Salvia divinorum extract, which has been mixed with water and alcohol, and peppermint , a dose dropped on the tongue will vary between 1.5 - 4.5 ml (2-6drops) and a 10 ml bottle with dropper costs £20.

Alternatively they will sell you a single potted up plant for £22.50.

Salvia divinorum Scotland will also sell you plants for £30 for one and £50 for 2. Botanic Art of the netherlands , home of the greenhouse wizards will sell you rooted plants for £13.50. Googling will finf, many, many other suppliers worldwide.

All these plants seem to be cultivated asexually by layering or judging by the photographs of the Dutch plants from laboratory raised embryos. Amazon sell a growers guide.

Salvinorum A is said to be most potent naturally occurring psychoactive compound known and has attracted it's users and followers...a lengthy article in Wikipedia provides a wealth of information, which may or may not be accurate but looks authoritative,

The only attempt to control the drug was an Early Day Motion raised on 19th October 2005 raised by John Mann , Labour MP for Bassetlaw and PPS to Tosser Jowell ("John has worked tirelessly for the people of Bassetlaw. John has raised many important issues in Parliament and has made sure Bassetlaw's voice is heard in Westminster. ")- it found 9 signatories;

That this House notes that salvia divinorum is a drug with hallucinogenic effects; is concerned that this drug is entirely legal and sold freely in the UK and is cited on websites selling it as the `drug the Government forgot to ban'; and urges the Government to take urgent steps to rectify this oversight and ban salvia divinorum under the provisions of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

Eating the drug produces no effect as the stomach juices appear to destroy the chemical, smoking (ideally through a water pipe) or by dropping extracts on the tongue provides a short and mild giggly state.

It seems dope gets you there quicker and cheaper and more reliably but illegally. There are apparently 5,000 YouTube videos of people taking the substance which make them behave like jackasses - it dose not appear to be an aphrodisiac.(Comment below seconds the motion)


Edo said...

Lord Patel. Speaking as someone who has tried Salvia, I can attest to the fact this drug is not an aphrodisiac. Effects (when smoked through a water pipe) range from mild giggles (everything seems very funny)to the most intense visuals (sometimes beautiful, sometimes quite disturbing). I'm not of the opinion that Salvia is the most hallucinogenic drug however. I believe this crown goes to DMT. Effects last for 5 to 10 minutes, and I recommend everyone to try this at least once, in the comfort of their own home, with the presence of a sitter that themself is not intoxiated.
Opening your mind has never been so interesting.

Anonymous said...

Yes opening your asshole has never been more interesting

How I took the entheogen DMT anally and trip report by

Anonymous said...

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The nurse with the douche bag said...

French medecine uses anal suppositories for drug delivery as standard - apparently the generous blood supply to the rectum ensures a quick take up - I was told recently that Valium is very commonly prescribed in this form in the UK to patients in house.

Anonymous said...

"I was told recently that Valium is very commonly prescribed in this form in the UK to patients in house".

fascinating stuff

I would not recommend Valium however.That stuff is bad Shit,,,even when deposited in the Anal orifice.

Stay away from all drugs whether anally or orally administrated is my advice.

That young lady in the youtube video is a good example of what can happen to you,,,having said that if she needed a hand with the administration I´d be more than happy to give her a hand or finger.

gary said...

If you think that "lady" is young, you ain't gonna play in my rock band.

Mark Taylor said...

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