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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yet another case of family rape/abuse for years in Belgium

A man from the francophone run down border town of Ronse in East Flanders has appeared in court in Oudenaarde suspected of the rape and sexual abuse of his 3 daughters for many years. The victims are 16, 18 and 19 years old.The case came to light after one of the girls was injured and had to be admitted to hospital and told of the serial abuse. It appears the rapes took place in the home and also in their fathers car.

Whilst the father raped one daughter another had to keep a lookout - if they didn't comply they were hit - which is why the girl was admitted to hospital.

Interestif and good Flikr collection from Ronse here by Jelmer de Haas'

"'Greetings from Ronse', Belgium. A series that I made during a recent visit to Belgium. Ronse is a small city in the Flemmish Ardennes, close to the much talked about border with the French speaking part of the country. It struck me that there were so many shops and houses for sale or rent. I collected these photo's within about an hour. City council is trying to counter this trend by upgrading the city centre by adding flowers and plants. "

The mans wife claims she did not suspect anything and was unaware of any problems with her daughters.

In a closed court sesion the man, who has been arrested and not bnamed has been imprisoned. He claims his daughters are fantasists and denies all allegations.

It seems remarkable that serial abuse of children cases arise in Belgium / Flanders ona regular basis. A Wikipedia entry tells us that .."A pilgrimage in honour of the Saint, who had by then be known to cure mental illnesses, sustained the local economy. There is still a French saying today which translates as "Saint Hermes cures the area's madmen but keeps the Ronse dwellers as they are".

Ronse is twinned with Sandwich , Kent.

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