"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Saturday, October 25, 2008

All aboard my hearties and fill yer swag bags in the sun on the good ship Venus

Andrew Simon Feldman,(b 25th/2//66) (Haberdashers' Aske's,Elstree, ) a university chum (Brasenose - they jointly organised the May Ball in their year ) of Bullingdonite David Cameron , lawyer (of sorts - Lord Patel's sources say Ed Vaizey says he could be heavyweight commercial QC) but something to do with family rag traders Jayroma T/O in £40 Mn region , gross Trading Profit £7Mn. which magically became trading profit of £300K.m. 2 offspring.

Visitor with Conservative Party Shadow Boxing Chancellor of the Exchequer on board the modest runabout of RUsAL owner, Mr Oleg Deripaska this summer off Corfu .....who was NOT asked for any money for Conservative Party funds, nor were any offered, given, discussed , thought about, mentioned, directly or indirectly or scribbled on a stray paper serviette, supplied in a Waitrose shopping bag in the form of US$100 bills. ....

In September 2003, Orka Holdings arranged for Mr Feldman (the newConservative party bagman (AKA CEO) at the time) and David Cameron, to attend the England-Macedonia football international in Skopje. Orka picked up the tab for a four-day stay at the Aleksandar Palace hotel, where the England team were staying, and also for the match itself. Mr Cameron declared this hospitality in the register of members' interests

Surprisingly rag trader Orka, suppliers to Jayroma is owned / run by "colourful " Macedonian businessman 40 yr old Jordan "Orce" Aged 35, m. twice and divorced twice - father in law mayor of Earthquaked victim toewn Skopje.(see pic)

Orka holdings, founded by his dad , Ilija, after the "privatisation" in the 1990s of a former state sports clothing company. The Macedonian prime minister opened the business's new Skopje factory in 2002; it was said to have cost €10m in investment, some €500,000 from Mr Feldman's Jayroma by all accounts locally.

Jordan Kamcev has been under criminal investigation for tax evasion and VAT fraud. Forced to spend a brief spell outwith Macedonia in 2003 he returned to spend 12 hours in a Skopje prison before being bailed for €70,000.

Jordan recently (March '08) became chairman of Football Club FK Vardar after fans ousted president Braco Vujčić and the complete leadership of FK Vardar .

PS : Andrew Feldman helped fund the Cameron leadership bid or at least Jayroma provided 10,000 roubles Pounds - but then like Lord Levy he is also a tennis Party of the Dear leader.

Foreign Company funds re-routed through UK branches to Conservative Party

CVS Management, the management consultancy that is a subsidiary of a British Virgin Islands-registered, Swiss-based investment company. Who should mastermind this but Corvus Capital home of the eye line wearing "colourful" business man Andrew Regan, he who was narrowly cleared of stealing £2.4 million from a food company where he was chief executive in a complicated swindle to buy the Co-op.

Now, like so many fugitive financiers a denizen of the land of cuckoo clocks.

Markland Holdings (UK) is a small chunk of Sean Mulyan and Paddy Kelly's widespread property ventures based in sunny Dublin who gave £100,000 to the Conservatives this year .

Venson Automotive Solutions, is a bit of Dermot Desmond's empire, the squillionaire Irish owner of Celtic FC so soundlty beaten last week whilst John Reid AKA Ex Cabinet Minister and now Chairman watched at Old Trafford.

Loss making Star Reefers UK, (- £400K last year) the British wing of a family shipping business whose parent company is chaired by Norwegian, Kristian Siem another habitue of cuckoo clock land. Coppered up enough to send dear david £50,000 to the Tories.

Sleepwell Hotels UK owned by a tree legged trust in Douglas IOM (MD Denholm Eke) sent £50,000 in June '08 although Companies House show they failed to trade.

Inconveniently UK law states that a company must be “carrying on business” for a political donation to be eligible. Denholm Eke, said the corporate donor was part of a business running hotels in Blackpool and the Isle of Man. A restructuring meant that Sleepwell Hotels UK was now clearly trading and this would be reflected in future accounts.

Mr Eke apparently told the Times “It’s because we are very interested in Blackpool ,the Conservative Party would provide the most obvious political impetus for a Blackpool regeneration. It [Blackpool] is very sad and run down.”

BSN Capital Partners, is a fascinating bijouette London-based hedge fund advisory business run by two Americans and a Briton. Ultimate ownership is on a sandbar off a remote Cayman island partly owned by Icap, the Conservative Party treasurer Michael Spencer they stumped up £100,000 in these distressed times for hedge funds = 25% of profits.

Their gift of £100,000 amounted to nearly a quarter of last year’s profits.

There have been 23 corporate donations of exactly £50,000 and five of £100,000 during the Cameron era. Michael Spencer explained that this figure was first suggested by Sir Hayden Phillips during his official review of party funding.

'Twas on the good ship Venus,
By Christ you should have seen us,
The figurehead
Was a whore in bed,

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