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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Britannia will rule the waves - the follies of Empire Pt. 3,456

The Stock Market may tumble, the currency may crumble, but it looks like we are starting to spend serious moolah on the 2 seriusly useless aircraft carriers the Navy wants.

Orders / contracts placed worth £235 million,are announced today for gas turbines, generators, motors, power distribution equipment, platform management systems, propellers, shafts, steering gear, rudders and stabilisers.

1. Thales UK, together with BVT, Babcock Marine, BAE Systems and MOD, have formed the catchy titled Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA) to manufacture and assemble the new carriers. Thales UK has responsibility for leading the power and propulsion element of CVF. The company is responsible for procurement, systems design, overall systems integration, ship integration (with shipyards), programme management and safety analysis. Thales has reached a sub-alliance agreement with Rolls-Royce, Converteam and L-3 Communications

2. Rolls Royce (Bristol, Dalgety Bay and Portsmouth):
* MT30 36 MegaWatt Gas Turbine Alternator sets
* Total package integration of the propulsion plant
* Shaft lines and propellers
* Steering gear including rudders
* Stabilisers to keep the ship level and enhance operation of weapons systems
* Low voltage electrical distribution system.

Converteam (Rugby and Glasgow):
* High voltage equipment
* Electric power control and monitoring system
* Propulsion equipment
* High voltage system and electric propulsion system analysis.

L3 Communications (Bristol and Barrow):
* Integrated Platform Management System (provides automation needed to control and monitor the power and propulsion systems)
* Condition Monitoring System.

3. A contract for emergency Diesel Generators has previously been awarded to Wartsila Lips Defence, which will provide a dedicated power supply to retain a fire fighting capability, even in the unlikely event of a total loss of electrical power.

Ina novel arrangement ,each carrier will have two propellers powered by two electric motors which will make them the largest warships in the world to use electric rather than mechanical drive technology.

This physical arrangment allows the primary power untis - gas turbine driven generators that power them to be located high in the ship which provides greater space in the hull and providws greater resilience to battle damage.

The pic shows some aircraft using the decks - what they will be and where they will come from is a decision not yet finalised. More pics here

PS: Dear Worried of Wolverhampton : Just think of the 2 CVF's and the aircraft they may eventually field ,as say, 20% of the cost of nationalising the Bradford and Bungle.

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