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Monday, October 27, 2008

Haider's lover, Stefan Petzner, steps down as party leader

Stefan Petzner, a 27-year-old former Beuty and fashion journalist became successor to the far right-wing party Alliance of the Future of Austria after Jorg Haider died on October 11th .

Just two weeks later, he was removed from his post. This came after he revealed on Austrian radio that he and Haider had been lovers for five years.

“We had a special relationship,” Petzner had said of the 58-year-old conservative extremist. “He was the man of my life… He often said that I was his.”

This announcement was preceded by a television interview with Krone TV in which Petzner was chain-smoking and crying uncontrollably, talking about his mentor. “I only had him, and now I am alone,” he said. Tongues began to wag.

Now we are told that , Haider had spent his final hours in a(n un named ) gay bar in the southern Austrian town of Klagenfurt, leading to the intoxication from which he suffered at the time of his car crash. It’s a final ironic nail in the coffin of a man whose anti-Semitic and reactionary principles led him to be called the closest thing to a Nazi that Austria has seen since the fall of the Third Reich.

Haider was married with two children at the time of his death. He had voted repeatedly against the expansion of gay rights. He was virulently anti-immigration, yet strangely was in favour of Turkey’s entering the EU.

Numerous German-language blogs, including one on shortnews.de, described Haider’s bisexuality as “an open secret.” Only the revelation of Petzner’s personal liaison contained any news to an informed Austrian.

So we are told.

Haider was supervised by Mossad

The Jewish leader of the Austrian liberal party (FPÖ), has admitted that for many years he co-operated with Mossad.

“I cooperated to the news magazine “profile” appearing in Vienna abaout Jorg Heider up to my retreat from the policy with the Mossad”, said the journalist and journalist in the year 2005.

Peter Sichrovsky worked in and the 90's 80's also for German publications, for “Der Spiegel” and the “South German newspaper”, and was joint founder of the Viennese newspaper “The Standard”. “I wanted to help Israel and did nothing illegal. I am not James Bond

Sichrovsky was at the beginning of 2003 the FPÖ delegate in the European parliament.

Apparently claimed Sichrovsky “Israel wanted Jörg Haider as bridge to Arab countries, with those no official contacts existed, uses”, said it. (wiwo.de < http://www.wiwo.de/politik/ex-fpoe-abgeordneter-half-israels-geheimdienst-102476/ >)

See more Also see an article in Searchlight the anti - fascist mag of the UK far left article in April 2000 -Who is Peter Sichrovsky? Peter Sichrovsky, the Freedom Party (FPÖ) MEP of Jewish origin wheeled out to front Jörg Haider’s sudden resignation as party chief, enjoys a special status.... in which he is described as ..

In addition, he has defended Haider’s infamous claim that the Nazi concentration camps were “penal camps” by attacking those who say Auschwitz-Birkenau was an “extermination camp”. His grounds for this twisted logic are that the term “extermination camp” is Nazi phraseology, even though the Nazis themselves never used this term. It is, therefore, not surprising that Sichrovsky cannot understand why the two activists of the FPÖ’s youth organisation who desecrated a Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt have been branded “political culprits”.

But it is for Zionism and the state of Israel that Sichrovsky reserves special venom, deliberately misquoting the country’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, and resurrecting the canard about the wartime Hungarian Zionist leader, Rudolf Kastner, who controversially tried to rescue Jews from the clutches of Adolf Eichmann and was later accused of being a collaborator. In the 1980s, Perdition, a play on the same theme by the left-wing playwright Jim Allen, caused outrage in Britain.

June 2nd 2005 the Times also ran a story Mossad spied on far-right Austrian by Roger Boyes.

THE ISRAELI secret service spied on Jörg Haider, the right-wing Austrian populist, using one of his closest aides to gather information on his contacts with Arab dictators. Peter Sichrovsky said that he had been a Mossad informant for five years until retiring from politics in 2002.

“I wanted to help Israel and certainly did not do anything wrong,” said Herr Sichrovsky who was secretary-general of Herr Haider’s Freedom party and a member of the European Parliament. The Austrian state prosecutor said yesterday that he would open an investigation to determine whether Herr Sichrovsky should be prosecuted. Spying for a foreign power carries a jail sentence of up to three years in Austria.

intersting chap Mr Peter Sichrovsky ...


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