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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Perfect Yorkshire Pudding

One of the eternal mysteries is how you teach peopel about English idioms ... take Yorkshire Pudding, and object sacred to those who dwell in Yorkshire and of mystery to those who don't.

So it was a slow news day (Gubment hadn't taken over any Banks, Woollies still in business, John "Twinkletoes" Sergeant still tripping the light fantastic ...) when the Daily Mail allowed the Royal Society of Chemistry to tell us how to make the perfect pud. Bollocks.

Yorkshire lass, Delia Smith's (see pic) Complete Cookery Course (page 141) has the perfect recipe.

Mix the batter ( "Pullin' the pud" colloq. Yorks.) - 3 oz. sifted plain flour, an egg, 5 oz milk / water and salt and pepper. Heat a cast iron gratin dish (essential) with 2 tbs best beef dripping (from any good butcher Oooop North) wait until it smokes pour in the batter. Put this on a baking sheet, top shelf , 15 / 20 mins at 220 C.

NEVER fails.... and you'll see it rise more than 4 inches.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn´t mind gettin me muttin between those two luvly pudds guv!

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