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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Common Violet - Viola soraria state flower of Illinois.

The 1893 World Exposition, held in Chicago, caused many of the United States to adopt official State flowers - it wasn't until 1907, that Mrs. James C. Fessler of Rochelle, started a statewide campaign in Illinois (The Parairie State) to adopt a state flower.

A vote was called and 33,500 votes were cast for three flowers;
Violet - 16,583 votes.
Wild Rose - 12,628 votes.
Goldenrod - 4,315 votes.

Senator Andrew J. Jackson of Rockford sponsored a bill in the Illinois Legislature to make the violet the official flower of the state. On January 21, 1908 the native violet was approved as the official state flower of the State of Illinois.

The legislation did not specify a specific variety of violet but, according to the Illinois State Museum, the dooryard or common violet (Viola sororia) is the most common species in the state and was probably the intended "native violet" of Senator Jackson's Bill.

This law went into effect on July 1, 1908.
Chapter 5, State Designations Act, Section 40.
GOVERNMENT CHAPTER 5. GENERAL PROVISIONS. (5 ILCS 460/) State Designations Act. (5 ILCS 460/40) (from Ch. 1, par. 2901-40) Sec. 40. State tree and flower. The white oak tree is designated the native State tree of the State of Illinois; and the native violet is designated the native State flower of the State of Illinois.

In 1973, a poll of 333, 964 school children chose to specify the white oak Quercus alba , as the state tree. The northern red oak was placed second with 142,247 votes.

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