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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Conservative Party abusing the old, using public humiliation of the tired , confused and bewildered. This must STOP ! ACT NOW. Amazing video

The exploitation and abuse of the old is a matter of rising concern. Consider this clip of a clearly tired, bewildered OAP. Forced to repeat endlessly, meangless, political dogma like some highly trained house pet.

The strain is clearly beginning to show, the rapid eye movements, the carelessly assembled clothing in dull colours, the catatonic stare as the brain tries to connect.... as frighteningly the first signs of Alzheimers creeps in.

We are all facing tough times - please find it in you heart and give generously - The Dame Lady Jane Baroness Pauline Nevill - Jones fund can help these people who, let's face it, have earned a decent retirement... send anything you can to David Cameron C/O Conservative Party Bide - a - Wee Home for Distressed Not so Gentlefolk in their Time.

Next week don't miss our call for doughty working class champion, Baroness Brenda Dean, of Thornton-le-Fylde, Privy Councillor General Secretary of SOGAT at the time of Rupert Murdoch's battles with them and other trades unions and now a mouthpice on for Nu Labour, frittering away her time hanging about the House of Lords.

Except that is when she is working on her second term as Chairman of Covent Garden Market Authority, a post she has held since 1 April 2005 which was recently renewed as the personal gift of her "very, very, good friend" Lord Rooker (The Authority consists of the Chairman and up to 7 members all appointed by the Secretary of State.) in his role as DeFRA Minister for Sustainable Food and Farming.

Her 3 day a week role for the pittance of £48,521 means that she will be very much involved in the redevelopment (including re-locating the US Embassy) of the New Covent Garden Market (NCGM) site (Project Chrysalis - consultants PricewaterhouseCoopers) at Nine Elms in Vauxhall, London. This major program will lead to the selection of a private development partner early in 2009 and will provide one of the largest development opportunities in London for the next decade.

Brenda is still able even at the age of 66 able to drag herself along to Board meetings as a non-Executive Director of Taylor Wimpey PLC (Share price 12 months ago 217 p today 15p Divvy paid last year 15.75p per share) where she struggled along on fees of £50, 000 in 2007 up from £45,000, Dawson Holding PLC (£34,000 in 2007 and £29,000 in 2006) and National Air Traffic Services.


Anonymous said...

"Baroness Brenda Dean"

"General Secretary of SOGAT at the time of Rupert Murdoch's battles with them and other trades unions and now a mouthpice on for Nu Labour"

Ah...now you are talking Postman...

Her Majesty’s Stationery Office Gateshead who printed telephone directories was bought by a USA company in 1983... http://tinyurl.com/755q7e ... this company had previously bought the printing company Ben Johnson Ltd in York and operated under that name in the UK.

What happened at meetings on the floor off Her Majesty’s Stationery Office Gateshead to the Sogat members...

Meetings addressed by the Sogat Branch Secretary Mr John Simkin..."You are getting too much redundancy considering that most of you will be re-employed by Ben Johnson Ltd"..."Sogat are in talks with Her Majesty’s Stationery Office to cut the amount of redundancy as WE think it unfair you should get full redundancy"... "The amount WE want to give back to Her Majesty’s Stationery Office will be approx £2,500 off each members redundancy payment"..."Sogat will also take a further £2,300 off each member to give to those members who have less then two years service"..."If you don`t accept these terms the takeover will not go ahead and you will have no jobs"... The other unions on site...NGA...Slade...Engineering and Electrical Union told Her Majesty’s Stationery Office Gateshead they would not accept this deal and they could close the site.They ALL got their full redundancy Sogat members did NOT.Ben Johnson Ltd took the site over so was it a lie that if Sogat members did not accept the deal it would close down?...Brenda Dean opps...Baroness Brenda Dean...for services rendered no doubt.

ziz said...

Thanks Anon - more contributions for the defender of the Grunwick barricades will be welcome.

She is of course joined by Baron Bertie Bassam of Brighton who was akey man at grunwick who now lolls onn the Government red benches - he once appeared in court for squatting in his council house having refused to pay rent, wearing a flashing red nose.

CF : Lord Triesman whom Lord Patel knew as a raving Trot... who he rrets to not is actually doing quite a good job in Africa, very quietly, all things considered.

Dromey of Grunwick is of course the Treasurer (ex) of NU Labour who was blissfully unaware as the till kept hinging with millions as the 2005 election approached - "nobody told me Guv."

Anonymous said...

Hunterprint plc took over by Quebecor...maybe that is a story by itself ?.Funny how Hunterprints share price (2p) went so low before take over ? very funny.


Sir Ian MacGregor (coal board fame)chairman for only a few months off Hunterprint then walks away with £360,000 comp/pension ???.

Strange things happen in the print world.

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