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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dutch upgrade Troop carrying capacity - lessons for the MOD

The Dutch Armed forces have just introduced new tracked heavily protected and armed toop carrying capacity - the CV90

This is a frame from video released today of the brand-new Dutch CV90 troop carrier during the test ride on the Bernhardkazerne in Amersfoort. This Dutch infantry tracked fighting vehicle will take over from the Boxer . It has a top speed of 70 kmh, a radius of action of 600 kilometres and offers a great deal of protection to passengers 3 crew and 7 fully equipped infantry.

It is equipped with the Bushmaster III 35 mm Cannon with a 2 Km. range , a 7.62 mm a machine-gun and 10 catapults for smoke and shard grenades all with internal remote controls . It also has laser locking detection equipment to warn the crew of aerial attack.

Earlier versions of CV90 are already in use with the armed forces of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Switzerland.

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Anonymous said...

It will, together with the Boxer and the Fennek, take over from the YPR (Dutch designation of the AIFV).

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