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Monday, December 08, 2008

Miss Misconducting herself in public office

Whilst Damian Green MP, 52 , was "grooming" his ultra Conservative friendly Civil Servant wannabe "friend" of wannabe Ministers, Christopher Galley , to root through kebab loving, Home Secretary (still!) Jacquie Smith's drawers and "conspiring" with him to leak , Plod was taking decisive action. Whilst the Met Plod decided to arrest the pair of them "misconduct in a public office" they have (so far) refrained from laying charges.

Not so Plod in Northumbria.

In August Northumbria Plod swooped and arrested eight women and six men as a consequence of a large scale operation looking at corruption of Police officers and Council staff involving organised prostitution and corrupt public officials across Northumbria, County Durham, Greater Manchester, Cleveland and the Scottish Borders , which involved prostitutes advertising on the Internet, webby thingy.

The Sun , naturally anxious to help the forces of Law and Order disclosed that WPC Vikki Thorne, 28, working at the Houghton le Spring nick was filling in her spare time seeing 20 men a week ,as "Kelly" , a £100-an-hour hooker who advertised on "Notorious Girls" (see below) as ready willing and able to perform a variety of "services" but she refused to wear a UNIFORM , or see punters from Sunderland.

Also arrested were a police officer Simon Alistair Harrison, who was on a career break from the force and was living in West Yorkshire. After serving more than four years with the police, mainly in the Newcastle command area, he took up a career teaching. However, he has accepted a caution.

A Customs worker and a civil servant (so far not named in the press) were also arrested.

Anyway WPC Vicki Thorne who has been suspended and in hiding since her arrest appeared today on a single charge of "misconduct in a public office" at Newcastle Magistrates’ Court , along with four others, all charged with offences relating to prostitution. Vicki, said to be a wealthy businessman's daughter drove off from court in her Audi TT to her new detached house to remain in hiding until December 22, when all five will appear at Newcastle Crown Court again. All five were granted bail.

Notorious Girls

There is a website Notorious Girls which will re-direct you to either NG North East or North West , choosing the latter you find the message that re-directs you to La Maison Bury with the alluring address - Albert Works, 1 Brook Street, Bury BL9 6AH if you choose to enter the site you can easily select from amenu - for example Robyn, who smokes (but will refrain), won't enjoy the company of 2 men, or rimming (whatever that is) and is 5' 8"... a costing sheet is available.

It appears that these sites are run by Neil and Natalie Lock, both 27 (and preposterously style themselves Lord and Lady Lock) and live in Galashiels, Selkirkshire . They were picked up by Plod in their swoop in August along with their computers , no doubt along with details of their flock of 70 girls who each pay £117.50 per week to appear on their site, which has been in operation for 5 years.

"We earn £15,000 a week and make £3,500 a week profit " claim Lord and Lady Lock , “The cops have seized our assets of £1.5million which includes our homes worth around £1million and my Bentley worth £155,000.

They insist they are not acting illegally. They claim payments to the escorts are for “companionship” only and anything else is “a matter of choice between two or more consulting adults”.

Of course.


paul said...

'Rimming' is also known as analingus and like homosexuality, was invented and popularised by channel 4.

ziz said...

Will take your word for it's invention by Ch. 4 but recalling Seutonius's Lives of the Caesars, one or two of them might well have understood what you mean .. something to do with little boys and swimming pools.

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