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Monday, December 01, 2008

Mrs Sharon Shoesmith sacked after Balls gets "devastating" fast track report on Haringey

Mrs Sharon Shoesmith (Haringey's Director of the Children and Young People's Service since April 2005 following two years as the Director of Education. )was at Ascot last year on October 13th ten weeks after Baby P died. She was a guest of Willmott Dixon, one of Britain’s largest privately owned construction, housing, property care and investment companies.

After taking receipt of what he called a "devastating" review of Haringey's failures,working class hero Ed Balls, the Children's Secretary, said that Mrs Shoesmith was to be replaced as part of a shake-up of the Haringey management team. Although he does not have the power to fire her, he said that Haringey Council would remove her from her post. Times

A senior council official, who asked not to be named, said: ‘No one expects her to survive this, but she will be difficult and expensive to get rid of.’ Daily Mail

Keep an eye on the Partnership Board of Research Practice (RIP)- "supporting evidence-based practice with children and families" where Mrs Shoesmith is currently a member.

PS : Capita website
In April 2003, Capita's Interim Director of Education, Paul Roberts, (formerly the Director of Education in Nottingham City) was succeeded by a permanent Director of Education, Sharon Shoesmith (formerly Her Majesty's Inspector (HMI)). Sharon was the Interim Deputy Director (School Improvement and Inclusion) employed by Capita but was appointed to the permanent post of Director following a national advert and recruitment process. She will continue to be employed by Capita until its contract with Haringey ends in August 2004 and will then transfer to the Council's employment.

UPDATE : Nesnight have the unbiquitous, sinister and sweaty Michael Gove who reveals that Haringey provided false / fraudulent information for their OFSTED report - and called reasonably for the main forensic report into Baby P to be published .

He also applauded very generously (and he deserves it) Ed Balls very swift and decisive action.

All this goes back to the case of Maria Colwell killed by her stepfather in Brighton, 1973 when this , "would never happen again".

UPDATE : Tuesday the above web page from Willmot Dixon is still there ... probably worth asking them how many more highly paid Local Government officers have enjoyed their hospitality at Ascot and eslewhere.

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