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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Plod gets new advice on Terrorism Act 2000, Section 44 stop and search procedures - get your free copy now ....

The well informed SpyBlog brings our attention to the publication by The National Police Improvement Agency, on behalf of the Association of Chief Police Officers of updated advice:
Practice Advice on Stop and Search in relation to Terrorism (.pdf)

They bring attention to the statement evidently from Orwell's Ministry of Truth :-

Every person searched under (Terrorism Act 2000 ) section 44 should be told explicitly that they are not suspected of being a terrorist.
Anybody who thinks they may be stopped and searched under Section 44 ( i.e : you intend to walk the dog, take photographs in the street, heckle Jack Straw , assassinate the Queen ) would be well advised to run off a copy and keep it handy.

Not only would it be helpful to check that anything Plod may :
1) Say
2) Do

... conforms to the Act and it's provisions . It might put them on notice that you are well equipped to deal with any such interference to your public progress - Section 2-8 on Photography is essential reading to any happy snapper.

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