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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Superman Gordon Brown uses Monbiot's Calculus to justify lying about UK terrorist threat and its association with Pakistan

If you consult the No 10 website today you will find the story - Gordon Brown has announced a new anti-terror pact with Pakistan aimed at combatting the growing problem of terrorist groups using the country as a base to coordinate their attacks.

They go on to say that at a press conference with Pakistan President Asif Zardari in Islamabad this morning, the PM said the new £6 million agreement would constitute “the most comprehensive anti-terrorist programme Britain has signed with any country”.

If you go to the BBC news website - there are further and better particulars you won't find on the No 10 website " Three quarters of the most serious terror plots being investigated by UK authorities have links to Pakistan, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said. "

If you go to the Times Online website - “Three quarters of the most serious plots investigated by the British authorities have links to al-Qaeda in Pakistan ,” said Mr Brown in a press conference alongside Mr Zardari in the Presidential palace in Islamabad.

To which Sam Coates in Islamabad adds ..."Officials believe there are currently around 30 major terrorist plots and 2000 suspects being watched by police and the intelligence services. "

So just how many terror plots are there ?

Let's recap on proceedings on Tuesday 22 April 2008 when the Counter Terrorism Bill was being considered by the Public Bill Committee (Hansard)

Q 9 Martin Salter: I have three quick questions for Sir Ian Blair and Mr. Quick. I know that you put some of this evidence in front of the Select Committee on Home Affairs a few months ago, but, for the benefit of the Committee, could you indicate how many serious terrorist plots the police and the security services have disrupted since the London bombings of 7/7?

Sir Ian Blair: I will stretch to something like 12, but where would you get to, Bob?

Bob Quick: I am still being briefed on the very complex history to fighting terrorism, but my understanding is in the order of about 15 occasions. On some very recent occasions we have been able to disrupt terrorism by some sophisticated and unusual methods. That is what we do. We are constantly seeking opportunities to disrupt. That is part of a multi-pronged attack on terrorist activity.

How curious then that David Leppard May 4, 2008 in a Times article reported that - Ian Blair admits he misled MPs over terror threat"Blair gave evidence to MPs in support of 42-day detention, stating to a Commons committee that police had disrupted “something like 12” serious terrorist plots since the 2005 London bombings. However, Scotland Yard now accepts that the true number is six. "

So Mr Prime Minister is 3/4 of "the most serious terror plots " , 3/4 of

30 - as secretly passed to Sam Coates in Islamabad by unidentified "officials".

6 - as finally agreed by Scotland yard after both Ian Blair and Bob Quick lied to the Select Committee on Home Affairs in April this year caiming variously it was , 12 (Blair) 15 (Quick) ?

Of cpurse Mr Sam Coates and all his smart, well paid journalist colleagues could perhaps raise questions about the validity of the fgure of ," 30 major terrorist plots".

..but don't bet on it.

PS : Monbiot's calculus. Think of a number - then make it bigger. For more Saturday, February 24, 2007
George Monbiot and The Case of the Excluded Muddle ... Monbiot's Calculus

UPDATE : Tuesday : "Gordon Brown yesterday hailed a new £6m anti-terror pact as the most comprehensive programme of its kind Britain has ever signed with any country, as it emerged that more than 20 potential extremist plots being investigated by British intelligence forces have a link to Pakistan."
The Herald December 15th 2008

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