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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Third IED hits Jackal and the fourth soldier to die in these lightly armoured off roaders in Afghanistan

A third UK soldier, from 45 Commando was injured in an explosion during a patrol in the recently introduced £600,000 a pop a Jackal off-road vehicle (replacement for the WMIK Land Rovers) drove over a mine or roadside bomb in the Sangin area. He died on his way to Camp Bastion. He is the 4th soldier to die in this vehicle which the press repeatedly refer to as a Jackal armoured vehicle.

Two soldiers from 45 Commando based in Arbroath, and one from the Commando Logistics Regiment died south of Sangin, Helmand province. They were on a routine foot patrol after a the explosion of a device in a wheelbarrow said to have been being pushed by a 13-year-old boy.

These 4 fatalaties make the year to date deaths by Uk forces in Afghanistan to 46 – the worst year since the invasion in 2001 - the total for the whole period is 132

The first person recorded as dying in the new Jackal (see Saturday, June 30, 2007 WMIK - Patrolling Afghanistan in a convertible ) was 21 year old Trooper James "Magpie" Munday, of 1 Troop, D Squadron, the Household Cavalry Regiment, on Wednesday 15 October 2008 who was serving as a Jackal driver on Operation HERRICK 8 when he was killed in action in Helmand province.

This was closely followed on Wednesday November 12th when Royal Marines , Robert McKibben and Neil Dunstan who were part of Task Force Helmand's Information Exploitation Group were reported to have died in their new in a new £600,000 Jackal mine-resistant armoured car (Daily Mail) after a hit from a roadside bomb in Garmsir district of Southern Helmand, Afghanistan.

For full details of these incidents Saturday, November 15, 2008 The Jackal with the soft underbelly .

The Ministry of Defence have announced that a soldier in the Contingency Operating Base in Basra. shot himself - the second such death in 8 days. Lance Corporal David Wilson, 27, of West Yorkshire, died from what was also believed to have been a self-inflicted gunshot wound there on 4th December.


Shaheed Amir Saib said...

Let's cut to the chase here. This guy died as a direct consequence of his going into someone else's country with a gun in his hand.
He didn't go there as a teacher, he didn't go there as an engineer, he didn't go there as a guest. He went with a gun in his hand.

Forget all this talk about "armoured vehicles" and your thousands of pounds. Some time your commandos will have to get out of their armoured vehicles or take off their "body armour" and then they will be as vulnerable as any man and as unwelcome as any armed stranger.

And tell your Gordon Brown, he may think that people who kill his soldiers are "cowards" but the rest of the world thinks that his army that uses UAV's to kill the people of Afghanistan are cowards.

Anonymous said...

Shutup you prick the NATO forces are there to improve the country building power plants, wells etc. Its the religous nutters who want to stop them, who follow a medieval religion that poision in this modern world. I hope you die of cancer you, little shit.

Anonymous said...

I was blown up in a Jackal and as a result lost both legs, its people like the fruitcake gobbing off at the top who dosent have a clue what he is saying that keeps me smiling, i might have lost my legs in an ied strike but i squared loads of so called religious nutters away with some 7.62mm, absolutly the most absurd kind of people ever to walk the earth, they have no regard for the civillian cost of life, scumbags, the lot of them.

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