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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Whoremonger Harlan Ullman brings more Shock 'n' Awe to Islamabad with Hilary Sinnott.

Well, well, well, our mole in Islamabad tells us of some surprising visitors to President Asif Ali Zardari . Harlan K Ullman, the great military strategist and designer of ‘Shock and Awe’ strategy for the US military, (Which his ex- colleague Secretary Richard Armitage described to former President Mushariff as "Do as we say or we bomb you back into the Stone Age") turned up recently and has enjoying a stay at the Residency along with military analyst Shuja Nawaz and has been ladling out advice ....

Ullman was allegedly friendly with the beautiful and tragic Benazir Bhutto in her luxurious Dubai exile - but perhaps not on the level he was with the whores provided by Madame Palfrey from her Washington on line bordello.

This coincided with the arrival in tandem (pic of him in Basra) of Sir Hilary Synnott KCMG, electrical engineer, former submariner and also former UK High Commissioner to Pakistan, and now Senior Consulting Fellow at The International Institute for Strategic Studies who met Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on the 15th of December to discuss security and defence issues.

National Security Advisor , Pashtun Mahmud Ali Durrani and Pakistan’s former Ambassador to the US, Hussain Haqqani , now the Pakistan Ambassador to US, friend and confidant of Benazir Bhutto and also Co-Chair of the Hudson Institute's Project on the Future of the Muslim World , are said to be facilitating and promoting Dr Ullman’s advisory role on behalf of the ‘Atlantic Council’, a Washington-based think tank have also been kicking about offering the odd bon mot.

Durrani was the man who encouraged then Army chief and president General Muhammed Zia al Haq to witness the tank exercise in Bahawalpur on 17 August, 1988. the C-130 returning the party to Islamabad, crashed killing all on board.

Curiously , Durrani was also an advisor in the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, 2001 to 2004

Apparently this exotic caravanserai is preparing some sort of national security assessment on Pakistan for President-elect Obama.

Conversation overheard so far suggest that a primary objective would be for the President to set up and preside over a national advisory council... at the same time repealing President Pervez Musharraf’s infamous 17th Amendment to the Constitution which gave him god like powers and protection from any form of prosecution.

This would certainly help relations with opposition leader and twice ex Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif (cricketer, the richest man in Pakistan and the man who ordered the Pak nuclear tests) of the Pakistan Muslim League who has ,in a fiery Press conference demanded it be removed , as per the Charter of Democracy that the Pakistan People’s Party was the other signatory of. Sharif's The Ittefaq Group saw a startling rise during the time of Gen. Zia al Haq who promoted Nawaz Sharif to enter politics and be his right hand man in the Punjab.

This National Security Council would act as a sort of liason between the President and the PM, or at least between the President and the rest of the hands-on executive.

Other listeners in the arras say the famed neo-con has advised the President to sack his pointman in Punjab for creating unnecessary friction between the PPP and the PML-N.

Some unconfirmed reports suggest that Dr Ullman stayed at the Presidency during his recent visit to Islamabad. He was a confidant of the horribly assassinated Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and now said (if only by him and his office) to an informal advisor to the Pakistani President.

Nobody seems to know quite who is footing the bill for the services of this group of willing advisors.

Harlan Ullman co authored with US Senator John McCain, of Unfinished Business: Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Beyond - Defusing the Dangers That Threaten America’s Security.

Seems a curious bag of neo-cons to be helping the "progressive" President - Elect O'Bomber to develop his liberal policies.


Anonymous said...

"The Catholic Orangemen of Togo and Other Conflicts I Have Known"

"Schillings will have their work cut out to suppress the truth about the mercenary commander Tim Spicer now that the blogosphere has got hold of it. But the quite incredible timidity of the UK mainstream media when faced by Schillings, backed by a very wealthy man, is a real phenomenon. The hideous Alisher Usmanov is again on the verge of acquiring Arsenal football club. The national UK media, all of which received a pre-emptive letter from Schillings threatening legal action if they mentioned Usmanov's unpleasant past (and present), is again making no mention of the criminal record of the convicted blackmailer, nor of his association with the Karimov family"...


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"Barack Obama on Tim Spicer
From the Pat Finucane Centre. I wonder if Schillings will be getting to work over this?"

"...As you know, the CEO of Aegis Defense Services Tim Spicer has been implicated in a variety of human rights abuses around the globe. Given his history, I agree that the United States should consider rescinding its contract with his company."

"Barack Obama"...


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