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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Windesal is a South Australian start up company that claims to offer a packaged "solution for Environmental Sustainability in the 21st Century" which, "meets the challenges of a world seeking technologies to sustain life with minimum enviromental impact". They say it ideally suited to coastal communities and remote areas .

The package is :
1. Standard Diesel generators (gensets) , powered by fossil / biofuel mix ( Australian Federal Government legislation prohibits claiming the Diesel Rebate on any fuel with a bio-diesel content of over 20%).Methane / Natural gas is an option.
2. Wind generators of standard design.
4. Energy management package that uses typical gensets that are modified in our factory to incorporate a low-load and fast start-up capability. These are fully controlled by our computer controlled switch gear. Turbine overproduction is controlled by a thermal dump-load.
5. De-salination using standard commercial reverse osmosis technology with a claimed output to over 55,000m3/day (55ml/d). This is from 1gigal to 20gigal per annum.

The 2 outputs are, A) drinkable water (ice if required to cool the beers) and B) an intermittent supply od electricity to local industry / domestic needs / Grid.

This is based apparently on a unique , patented stand-alone power station had been developed in 1993 by the Danish RISO Laboratory and which has been adopted by a group of Adelaide businessmen who in 2007 recognised the potential of the technology.

Cleantech 08 Top 100 Private Company in the World in the Water Technology and Water Management section and Winner of the News Ltd Australian Solution Award.

If you want more information contact David Handyside, Development Director tel +618 8260 8202fax +618 8260 8100 mob +61 418 820 470 david@windesal.com
Innovation HouseTechnology ParkMawson LakesSouth Australia, 5095

Reverse osmosis is a very energy hungry and thus an expensive method of des-salinating water - widely used on ships . Two large units have just been ordered for the Royal Navy's Aircraft Carriers which may or may not be built.

As land based wind powered generators can reasonably expect a maximum of 30% utilisation and very high capital costs, this, whilst a green / clean solution looks like being a very expensive solution - certainly of interest in very remote areas - where supplies of diesel / biofuel are available readily.

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barrie harrrop said...

Yes our www.windesal.com is very cost effective.
Yes we are targeting remote location,therefore we dont need a grid.
We are fully sustainable,and generate a large part of our engery from green power wind/waste animal fat waste product fuel.

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