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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

BBC telling more lies on behalf of Zionists - "principles" agreed for cease fire . Ho Ho Ho

The BBC report that Israel has agreed "on the principles" of a ceasefire proposal. Whooooop de doo !!!

130 people killed in one day (Tuesday) in Gaza by the IDF, by shells, bombs, fire, light arms, phosphor bombs, rockets.

Palestinian health officials say at least 683 Palestinians have been killed and more than 3,085 injured since Israel began its offensive on 27 December, according to the UN's humanitarian agency.

The BBC say, "Casualty claims in Gaza cannot be independently verified. " ..so presumably UN agencies do not come under that description.

Israeli defence official Amos Gilad ( who he ? Ed. - Coordinator of Government Operations in the Territories - quite evidently a very little cheese in the IDF) will travel to Cairo on Thursday to discuss ceasefire options followed at a leisurely pace by Quisling Mahmoud Abbas from a shopping trip to New York, a day later.

The Israeli's war machine has acheived 50% of their targets for "Cast lead", a spokesman said on the BBC 6 o-clock news today - they want this settled before Martin Luther King Day - the day before Obama's Inauguration.

If it is settled much before then Lord Patel will show his arse in M & S's window. ( We used to say Woollies window when I was a lad but Woolworth's has alas closed all their 320 stores (half the death toll in Gaza)).

Meanwhile the 3 Daily hour windows will allow the IDF to re-group, eat, sleep, re-arm, mend, repair, plan, roulade troops, pray to their God, etc.,

The Humanitarian Allee will experience difficulties as all major roads and many minor have been bombed - fancy driving a truck from the border, unloading and back in 3 hours ? Apply UNWRA.

Mads Gilbert on Sky News - like Dante'as inferno ...it's like Hell.. Curiously the BBC haven't been able to interview the eloquent docor although available to Al Jazeera, Sky and Scandinavian channels.... Probably technical problems ... the fog of war , you know the sort of thing..

... an all out war against the civilian population of Gaza ..

PS : Mr Regev talking of Fog of war on Newsnight last night jiggled the brain cells - CounterPunch , February 26, 2003 , An Open Letter to Tony Blair

"Be careful however that, if on the "fog of war" the Israelis decide to resolve the Palestinian problem, a la Sabra and Chattila camps."



sam_m said...

CounterPunch is down tonight but the article you link to can be retrieved from the Google cache at


Anonymous said...

the BBC are whores of Israel.They are pimping Israel on BBC radio 4 as I speak.Shoot everyone of the digusting fuckers

rob said...

listening to this slimy greasy smarmy pro Israeli fucker makes me want to vomit.
listening to this slimy greasy smarmy pro Israeli fucker makes me want to vomit.

Stef said...

This can't be right

According to the Biased BBC blog the Marxist BBC shows a shocking pro-terrorist, anti-Israel bias

I'm confused

not anonymous said...

According to the Biased BBC blog the Marxist BBC shows a shocking pro-terrorist, anti-Israel bias

your not the only one! what a weird site that is.At first I thought it was some sort of parody.Gatekeeper springs to mind.
Lot a sad bastards out there.

Stef said...

the veneer of cascading todgers is my own addition but, I don't know, it just seemed so appropriate

ziz said...

We posted this to help the poor dears better understand what is going on ..

You are a little behind the game - as is the Beeb. There were reports of a possible 2nd front ..see here.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008 - will Hezbollah start 2nd Front ?

The NYT reports that Lebanese Army soldiers found and dismantled eight Katyusha rockets on Christmas Day that were pointed south toward Israel.

The rockets were found near the southern town of Naqura, in the border region where an expanded UN peacekeeping force has been monitoring an uneasy truce since the war in the summer of 2006 between Israel and Hezbollah, the Shiite militant group.

Haaretz reports
http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spa...es/ 1050127.html

that The official Lebanese news agency said on Sunday that Israel Air Force warplanes flew over south Lebanon and set off somic booms. It said that there had also been intensive activity by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles flying at intermediate altitudes over the south.

Compare and contrast maybe with the Irsaeli Government spokesman telling Paxman on Newsnight that they had film of mortars fired from the UNWRA school before kiling 40 people in it - repeated the following morning by Prosor the Israeli Ambassador telling BBC Radio 4 the same lie.

This was corrected later yesterday by "The World at One" and admitted to be wrong. Or what we call ooop North a lie.

The World at One had a lengthy report on the missiles hitting Nahariya, 10 km south of the border with Lebanon and interviews with Israeli spokespeople . ..there has since been another missile fired from S. Lebanon and the Israeli military fired artillery in retaliation at an area close to the southern Lebanese village of Marwaheen, located near the Lebanese-Israeli border.

WOTO also reported on the ICRC report about The Red Cross accusing Israel of failing to help wounded civilians in Gaza, after finding children clinging to their mothers' corpses. This is also on the BBC online website with video.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world...ast/ 7817926.stm

The report suggests a frightening callousness and unconcern for civian dead and injured.

"One medical team found 12 bodies in a shelled house, and alongside them four very young children, too weak to stand, waiting by their dead mothers, the ICRC said.

Aid workers had been denied access to the site for days, it added.

"This is a shocking incident," Pierre Wettach, ICRC head for Israel and the Palestinian territories said in a statement.

"The Israeli military must have been aware of the situation but did not assist the wounded. Neither did they make it possible for us or the Palestinian Red Crescent to assist the wounded."

This Online report also details the rockets sent from S. Lebanon and the Israeli military response.

Hope this helps you understand he situation better without reliance on Fox / ABC / Al Jazeera.

Probably not welcome ... it is indeeed an odd site. The Flying Phalli ( ....good name for a rock band ?) are certainly a trifle disconcerting - 'er indoors happened to look at the screen and wondered quite what sort of site was being viewed.

Stef said...

and, as for so deranged, mendacious and hateful you're not sure if you're reading a parody, well, there's only one Melanie Phillips' Diary

Stef said...

about the only element missing from the valuable information being provided by the GIYUS crowd is a film of Palestinian civilians relaxing by swimming pools and enjoying classical music concerts laid on by their occupiers and the parallels would be complete

maybe next week

ziz said...

Is that the same Melanie Philips who is a fixture on BBC's Moral Maze by any chance ? (Whose hsuband is also a fixture on the BBC )

I always think it should be called the Moral Mainline because she just railroads everyone else and refuses to listen to, consider, debate anoy other possible point of view - except on the rare ocassions when it is more extreme than hers.

Stef said...

yeah, Michael Gove's chum

come to think of it, he's on the BBC a lot too

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