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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

How the BBC Newsnight and Today programmes unquestioningly help peddle Israeli lies

Youthful, good looking, Captain Elie Isaacson of the Israeli Defence Force (who looks like he should be wearing short trousers) told BBC's Ben Brown yesterday (Tuesday 6th 2008) that the Israeli army wants to "get this thing finished as soon as possible" .. but wouldn't comment on the school massacre of over 40 people UNWRA al-Fakhura girls school Gaza, as they didn't have "accurate information". How right he was.

Some of us were lucky to catch the repulsive the Israeli Government Spokesman Mark Regev with steely gaze and a solid smirk explaining to Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight, much as you might explain to a rather dumb child that the UNWRA al-Fakhura girls school which was the refuge of over 40 frightened (now dead) people had earlier seen the launch earlier mortars - presumably by Hamas - which was a total, blatant, calculated lie. ( Whole Newsnight program from last night available here (probably not available outside UK copyright issues - don't miss the Urban Myth prop. Tel Aviv Media Circus Ltd.,) Watch Mr Regev and his magic "Fog of war".

They had a video of it. (despite the Fog of war)

On BBC4 "Today" this morning the sneering and deeply unpleasant Ron Prosor, Israeli Ambassador the Court of St. James gave exactly the same story.

They had a video of mortars being fired earlier from the school.

So we searched the IDF Spokesperson's Unit You Tube site set up especially to dissemniate their lies and propaganda. No evidence whatever of such a video.

On BBC4 "World at One" at 1300 GMT , all became a trifle clearer, the BBC had pressed the Embassy in London for further and better particulars, there had been a mistake, the Ambassador was misinformed - they had a film but it was over a year old, and it was a different school.

There is however a brief update video today from yet another liar spokesman for the IDF which clumsily explains this clumsy lie.

The video the Ambassador and Government spokesman were refrring to was (handily) posted on January 1st 2009, and is entitled Mortar Bombs Shot from UN School in Gaza 29 Oct. 2007 (view here) and is officially described ..

Terrorists from the Gaza Strip fire mortars from an UNRWA boys' school in Gaza on 29 Oct. 2007. Hamas and other terror organizations in Gaza
make deliberate use of civilians living in populated areas as human shields.

Ah, but ... but ... the IDF were hit by mortars and they returned the fire ( is the partial lie used by Regev and prosor to cover up what happened now) from whence it came and hit the school ... besides the fact that the pinned down refugees were from all reports hit from the air (the UN being categorical about that and certain there were no mortars fired nor Hamas present at the school)... somehow we feel disinclined to believe any of the genocidal maniacs such as the reptilian Ron Prosor, Israeli Ambassador the Court of St. James and the supercilious Israeli Government Spokesman Mark Regev or the lies the BBC have allowed them to peddle.

The BBC should be a bit more careful in believing what the Israeli Government and the IDF say in future.

Maybe we will get an apology from the Editors of Newsnight and Today for having allowed these lies to be peddled....at least praise is due to the "World at One" Editorial team who ferreted out and exposed their grubby lies.

PS : Despite having provided the BBC with all the evidence needed to follow up the tale of Dr Mads Gilbert and the experimental DIME bombs and their horrific effects (Tuesday, January 06, 2009 Israel burning Palestinians to death - like Nazis with flame throwers in Warsaw + testing new highly lethal weapons on civilian populations. ) they haven't been back to ask for further and better particulars.

Pics from this website Rasheed of burials in Gaza yesterday which also has a video from Al Jazeera of grieving father with his hideously wounded and 3 dead children.

UPDATE 1500 GMT : UN News centre

Also in Jabaliya, a boys’ school was attacked but it was empty.

Last night, three Palestinians, who had sought refuge in a small co-educational UN school in Gaza City, died when a missile hit the building’s toilet facilities.

The three men who were killed were “Gazans who had fled their home earlier that day,” the UNRWA official said, adding that they thought “they would be safe in a UN school in Gaza City.”

In a separate incident, seven UN staff were injured, three seriously, along with three patients, when a strike on a nearby building caused significant collateral damage to a UNRWA health centre.

UPDATE 2 : To show true BBC balance we direct you to this fascinating piece in the Murdoch press - well known for it's objectivity and impartiality.

Militant Islam Threatens Us All Hamas rockets have the same terror goal as Hitler's blitz. WSJ by By BENJAMIN NETANYAHU today http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123128827234659279.html

... and pray Mr N what is the "goal" of the terrifying and massive force of the IDF / IAF , the wholesale slaughter of women and children, the descrtuction of opublic services, bombing UN facilities etc ., etc., in Gaza ?


Anonymous said...

Israel is like a very dangerous psychopath child/teenager run amok.As a nation it´s a joke and a festering wound on humanity.
Which nation is going to be adult enough to kick its fuckin arse!!!seriously hit them fuckin hard.Child immature nations need to be disciplined,if they are not punished they will continue to run amok.
It gets its dangerous toys and pocket money from it´s Pa and mentor the US.It plays with it´s toys in a dangerous manner killing its neighbors.
They have to be stopped by any which way before they do some serious damage and I´m thinking of their considerable nuclear arsenal.

Anonymous said...

Does Paxo have editorial input? Does anyone know if he could, or has, made aliyah (or, indeed, if he would)?

Important to control the 'opposition'

ziz said...

Paxo is of course one of the bright stars of the British-American Project for a Successor Generation, founded in 1983 by Ronald Reagan with support from Rupert Murdoch and Jimmy Goldsmith.

Today's BAP meets every year alternately in the US and Britain and includes scientists, economists, community leaders and journalists, a number of them liberals or 'on the left'

Same is that Scottish areshole Jimmy Norty on Today

Google the Bolded name and find out more eg


A sort of US 5th column.

Anonymous said...

"Breaking Through the News Filter"...


Try this postman...

Kirsty Wark (friend of many New Labour MPs, goes on holidays with them) on Newsnight said that it`s all a matter of incompetence with New Labour. No mention of corruption on planning application etc etc. So the truth is it`s all about incompetence according to Newsnights Kirsty Wark and thats all she could say about what has happened so that is what she and the BBC want us all to believe. Problem is many will.

"If Kirsty and Jack thought Majorca was hot"...


"Wark faces new probe threat over film"...


"TV's Wark paid herself £200,000 as firm made loss of £1m"...


Ah Paxman...


Anonymous said...

06 January, 2009

"BBC blackout on Gaza"...


Stef said...

Shami Chakrabarti's name appears to be missing from that list of BAP alumni in the link above

Anonymous said...

Some of the links no longer work,as you can see,try these...

"TV Presenter and First Minister Cause a Stooshie"...


As you can see...


And here...


Time out at the Scotsman.com News.

ziz said...

Funny how Mr Regev's Fog of war reminded us

"Be careful however that, if in the "fog of war" the Israelis decide to resolve the Palestinian problem, a la Sabra and Chattila camps."


February 26, 2003

An Open Letter to Tony Blair


Gypsy Petulengro at work eh ?

Tom said...

'Fog of war' was Ian Blair's recent excuse for the shooting of Jean Charles Menezes. Must be dangerous stuff.

ziz said...

Perhaps Jean Charles after running, leaping over the barriers settled down to light up a fag ? Fag of War ?... which leads to the Fug of War ?

The Clean Air Act was supposed to get rid of those winter fogs.

Fogs of War ? Any relation to the Dogs of War ?

Jewish dietary laws are rather hard line about pigs, and their products = perhaps Hamas could let some porky porcines loose amongst the IDF to spread alarm and culinary mayhem. The Hogs of War? .. or ride into battle on Harleys ?

.. a range of T shirt designs looms.

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