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Thursday, January 01, 2009

IDF boast of killing 8 civilians on their own IDF You Tube video clips - the ultimate in "snuff "movies

Quite naturally the Israeli Defence Forces have got so pissed off that the news media worldwide , bloggers, NGO's are spreading the truth about their murderous genocidal mission "Cast Lead" in Gaza that they have now set up their own You Tube site to enjoy the Banalities of Evil (prop Hannah Arendt)(It was initially yanked by YT but then re-instated as unsuitable for minors)

This is one from their magnum opus of "snuff " movies which they gleefully, boastfully and wholly inaccurately entitle - Israeli Air Force Strikes Rockets in Transit 28 Dec. 2008

The Israeli Air Force strikes terror operatives transferring short-range missiles destined for innocent civilians.

חיל האוויר הישראלי משמיד משאיות המעבירות רקטות המיועדות לשיגור אל עורף ישראל.

يقصف جيش الدفاع الإسرائيلي هدفاً ارهابياً ينقل اسلحة غير قانونية

There is a minor snagette, this example of the pornography of way is a lie. This is actually an attack in Salah al-Din street in Jabaliya, on a truck owned by Abu Imad-Sanur. He owns a metal workshop next door to a bombed house (prabably of a Hamas official) and near the Palestinian Red Cross. The canisters, he claimed, were being moved to prevent looting.

The dead are named as Muhammad Bassel Madi, 17, Wisam Akram Eid, 14, Imad Ahmad Sanur, 32 (the owners son), Rami Sa'adi Ghabayan, 24, Mahmoud Nabil Ghabayan, 14, Ashraf al-Dabagh, 26, Muhammad Majed Ka'abar, 20, and Ahmad Ibrahim Khila, 15.

The truck did not belong to Hamas and had no ties to Hamas. The owner of the truck had no ties to Hamas. There were no missiles. The IDF killed 8 civilians. The civilians (2 aged 14) had no ties to Hamas whatsoever.

The Guradian quote Sarit Michaeli, a spokeswoman for B'Tselem, said that while her organisation had not been able to verify Imad-Sanur's claims that he was not involved with militants in Gaza, his story that he was moving welding equipment seemed believable

"The blogosphere and new media are another war zone," said IDF Foreign Press Branch head Maj. Avital "snuff" Leibovich, "We have to be relevant there."

The Independent report the story above and add that ,"An Israeli official strongly denied the claim and said the military was preparing a full response. "

For more see BotlBrush blog here

But wait there are more sophisticated lies, more pronography to cme - Maj. Avital "snuff" Leibovich says ... "The important thing is to get the truth out there," in addition to curating the YouTube channel, she has delivered multiple private briefings to bloggers around the world. She said that members of her department were also getting ready to start their own "vlogs," a new media term for regularly posting videos of oneself speaking one's mind in diary form.

PS : The missiles being rolled onto the pick up are supposed to be Grad BM-21's (БМ-21 "Град") which are 9 feet long.... a pick up truck 9 feet wide ?


Stef said...

You'll never guess whose videos are showing up as the top news items on IDFtube

there again, maybe you can

Anonymous said...

Well done Postman the voice of sanity in this mad mad world...Great link..as always...

"Those who want to use the video for anti-Semetic reasons should note that the Human Rights group ‘B’Tselem’ is a Jewish organization. Without their tireless work we would never have known about what really happened. Human Rights groups such as B’Tselem give voice to people like Ahmad Sanur who lost family in attacks which the IDF disgustingly twisted to work as propaganda for their own agenda. I cannot thank B’Tselem enough and strongly encourage everyone to consider donating to their cause."

"People who work at B’Tselem truly embody Judaism and its many pro-Human values, please don’t allow yourself to hate people who are Jewish simply because they are linked to people who care very little for human life."...


"Know the facts"

"Receive and distribute our materials: B'Tselem distributes all its material free of charge. If you would like to receive our publications on a regular basis, send us your address via mail or e-mail. Please specify if you would prefer to receive reports in English or Hebrew."

"Every three weeks, B'Tselem sends an update to its e-mail subscribers. The update includes information on individual cases and larger policies concerning human rights, as well as calls for action. Click here to subscribe to the electronic updates."

"Speak out for human rights"

"Send letters to Israeli officials and to your government representatives expressing concern about Israel’s human rights violations."

"Israeli missions abroad"...


It is all too easy to become what you hate...in this world.

Stef said...

On the subject of perception management and the 'D' in IDF, Mexico and Brazil appear to be the only countries that haven't renamed their War Ministries as Defence Ministries

Just two countries away from the End of offensive war making. So close...

sam_m said...

"The IDF killed 8 civilians".

I keep reading about the IDF killing civillians in Gaza, who else is there?? As I understand it, there is no Palestinian military.

As for Jewish organisations opposed to the current atrocity, the Frummers had a good turnout at the Israeli Embassy on Monday.
I learned something from their literature :)

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