"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

Qatari LNG gas to arrive in South Wales, real soon now

The Tembek, (built at Samsung's Geoje Yard, Korea and registered in Mjuro in the Marshall Islands ) one of a new generation of so-called Q-Flex LNG tankers, with a capacity of 211,885 cubic meters of LNG left Qatar and transited the Suez canal on or about Jan 23rd 2009.

She is due to dock at South Hook LNG, Milford Haven (a joint venture Qatar Petroleum, Exxon Mobil Corp. and Total SA) any day , marking Qatar’s arrival as the key natural gas supplier to the U.K. The ship will stop near the U.K. so its arrival coincides with final commissioning steps of the terminal in the “next few weeks,” the company says.

BG Group Plc’s Dragon LNG terminal at Milford Haven also awaits commissioning.

South Hook expects to receive as much as 7.5 million tons of LNG a year, or 10.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas, in its first phase. The terminal’s capacity is planed to double by 2012.

Dragon and South Hook together will have a combined import capacity of 19.4 million tons of LNG a year, or 26.7 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

Currently the U.K. is a higher-priced market than the U.S. at present, making it more attractive for Qatari shipments. Gas for delivery next month at Henry Hub in Louisiana, the U.S. benchmark price, traded at US$4.74 a million BTU's on Jan 22nd on the New York Mercantile Exchange - approximately US3 less than February gas delivered UK.

Typically, one or more initial cargoes of LNG are used to cool down a new import facility’s pipes and storage tanks to the correct operating temperature. LNG is natural gas chilled to liquid form at minus 161 degrees Celsius (minus 258 Fahrenheit) to aid transportation and storage.

Qatar exported 38 billion cubic meters of gas in 2007, up 24 % on 2006, according to BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy. Qatar plans to produce 77 Mn tons by 2010. That’s equal to 106 billion cubic meters of gas, roughly equivalent to UK annual consumption.

PS. The Tembek is owned through a joint venture between Qatar Gas Transport Company (Nakilat) and OSG, from which Qatargas will charter the vessel. Mr Angus Cambell, is Head of OSG Gas (Overseas Shipholding Group - 666 Third AvenueNew York, NY 10017) and his beautiful wife Naomi named the ship September 13th 2007.

UPDATE : 1600 BST Frid 30-1-09 BG Group PLC-operated (BG.LN) Dragon liquefied natural gas terminal at Milford Haven in Wales, the South Hook LNG terminal at Milford Haven have been hit by walkouts related to protesters demonstrating at Total SA's (TOT) 220,000 barrels-a-day Lindsey Oil Refinery in Immingham, northern England.

Milford Haven has highest percentage of empty shops in country
11:58am Thursday 22nd January 2009
----- Milford Haven is facing a future as a ghost town with the highest percentage of empty shops in the country, major new research has revealed. etc....


Anonymous said...

New LNG import facilities at Isle of Grain

Anonymous said...

“A decision to bring in hundreds of Italian and Portuguese contractors to work on a new £200 million plant at the giant Lindsey Oil Refinery at North Killingholme, North Lincolnshire, led to protests in support of jobs for British workers.”…


“Brown condemns ‘indefensible’ wildcat strikes in foreign labour row”…


Get used to it,it is the future. Globalisation in reverse, but the same thing really…Profit.

1 February 2009

“You can go and work in Europe, Mandelson tells strikers”

“The Business Secretary inflamed the dispute over foreign workers by suggesting that protesters could go and work elsewhere in Europe if they were unhappy”…

And on less and less wages…”"They don’t want a population capable of critical thinking”, “they want obedient workers”, “and now they want your social security”- George Carlin…




ziz said...

To be fair to Lord Rio he did at least get on his bike and a job was found for him in Europe when it was made clear that he was unwanted here.

The downside being that the fucker has turned up again.

Anon 4.40 - the Isle of Grain terminal is far from new and has been there nearly 30 years and thus incorporated some fairly antique features meaning that it had very limited utility and required some massive and expensive work to bring it on stream (30th Dec 2008) .

It does however offer 8.6 billion cubic meters import / export capacity per year, or 12% of the UK's current gas demand. This with Southe Hook offers approx account for nearly 35% of natural gas supply to the UK when fully operational in 2011/12.

It is worth noting that US group CB&I (Chicago Bridge & Iron Co.) expects to be hit by pre-tax charges (losses) of around US$317 million (£150m) for cost overruns on the South Hook and Isle of Grain LNG projects in the UK.

CEO Philip Asherman highlighted how UK labour regulations and trade union rules had posed many challenges for the company, unlike those experienced on its other projects around the world.

"You are constrained in terms of bringing anyone else in from outside of the UK, even [from] other EU countries. That's been a difficult challenge for us, as well as the subcontractors." The situation, he continued, "is unlike that in most countries where we could supplement the workforce with our own labour or labour from elsewhere. You can't do that in the UK."

As this sheds a new light on the current dispute those interested might like to see the other side of the story here ..


Anonymous said...

"As this sheds a new light on the current dispute those interested might like to see the other side of the story here .."

Or here...


Anonymous said...

Thatcher would know all about this...


This brought back memories of Thatcher standing outside No 10 saying this..."I have aginised over this decision but feel it is the best thing to do"...what she was referring to was the burning off 20/25 years supply of britains north sea gas into the atmosphere. She said it was too expensive to store it,(she wanted the money to give tax cuts to get re-elected). Norway on the other hand did spend the money to store their north sea gas and are now selling it to us.

Thatcher also closed down our world leading clean coal technology centre well she didn`t like miners and her friends in the nuclear industry didn`t want coal.

Came across this the other day...

"Jeff Ennis (Barnsley, East and Mexborough) (Lab): Does my hon. Friend recall that, in the early 1980s, this country led the world in clean coal technology, through the fluidised bed plant at Grimethorpe colliery power station in my constituency? That plant was funded by more than 20 countries, including America and Japan. Unfortunately, the facility was closed down by Mrs. Thatcher. Does he agree that this country continues to regret that decision to this day?"

"Huw Irranca-Davies: Indeed, and I am sure that all Members here will agree that we want to regain that lead in clean coal technology to take us forward through not only the next few years but the next few decades. The export potential is massive, but it will not happen without investment and prioritising clean coal and carbon abatement technology."


ziz said...

Would it that simple.

Decades of failure to properly plan our energy needs - see FCUKED endless posts....means that (especially with this weather) our winter heating is hanging by a thread.

THis from BBC report re Grangemouth strike this summmer

"Oil tanker drivers who are contracted to Shell are striking in a bid to increase their salaries.

The Unite trade union is calling for a minimum wage of £36,000 a year, about £2,000 more than drivers are currently paid.

The workers' employer, Hoyer UK and Suckling Transport, have claimed their latest offer would take wages to £41,000.pa "


Anonymous said...

"Would it that simple"


True, but how many do the above come to?. What about the VAST numbers that earn FAR lower come to.

I remember reading a tanker driver breaking down his salarie to the hours worked and other things he had to do (safety responsibilities etc) it came out to much less in real terms to what the papers are making out?. But the oil companies are working on cutting the pay of ALL anyway.

ziz said...

The tanker drivers concern was and is to maintain their "pay differentials".

Just look at the pay Post Doctoral people get in the UK chemical industry Maybe start at £22 K.

£42 as a salary in production engineering is the sort of money grads and post grads get after 15 yrs experience.

The cynical picketing outside South Hook is playing with the exiguous energy supply of the nation.

OK the bosses and their shareholders are greedy but so are the |UNions - look to detroit where they have been hand in glove squeezing the shareholder and consumer for their benefits.

Now they have run out of money they have (like the fing bankers) gone to the taxpapyer to keep them in the condtions to which they have become accustomed.

meanwhile Ineos will be exporting the industry (about which they have made no scret) to the far East where engineers are hiting the street from Universities in their many thousands.

Go and have a look at Han Hoi industries (post here ad nauseam and Google it) and how they make damn near half the world mobiles, and nearly all lap tops, and pay first class young engineers decent salaries.

Where are the Apples Macs, iPOds and iPhones made ? All Far est, designedmaybe by a few in the est but that function is rapidly disappearing.

Western (especially US) industry has been disembowelled as the education system has produced hairdressers and chefsbut precious few who understand the 1st Law of thermodynamics never mind the 2nd.

Anonymous said...

"OK the bosses and their shareholders are greedy but so are the |UNions - look to detroit where they have been hand in glove squeezing the shareholder and consumer for their benefits."


"Would it that simple"

What happened there was unions and bosses got together to do both their members and shareholders. The union got control of the BIG pension fund...to pay themselves big time wages.They sold their members out long ago.

"A Tour Of Detroit's Ghetto"...


"Housing crisis accelerates blight in Detroit neighborhoods"...


"Shades of Things to Come - Violence Brewing"...


"American Axle strikers in Detroit determined to halt wage-cutting"...


"Anger in Detroit over UAW sellout at American Axle"...


It goes on and on. Nothing is as it seems.

Anonymous said...


Same in the UK...


Anonymous said...

2 February 2008

"Corporate America honors US auto union president"

"OK the bosses and their shareholders are greedy but so are the |UNions - look to detroit where they have been hand in glove squeezing the shareholder and consumer for their benefits."


"In recent weeks United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger has been an object of media affection for his role in forcing through historic concessions in 2007 with the Detroit Big Three automakers—General Motors, Ford and Chrysler LLC"...


Anonymous said...

3 February 2009
“Obama prepares another trillion-dollar bank bailout”…
They will be back for more…much more...Don`t worry the working class will pay...and welfare cuts will be the order of the day...still we can all go and work abroad.

Anonymous said...

4 February 2009

"British winter death rate predicted to rise"

"A higher death rate amongst older people and an increase in cold related illnesses is expected, after the recent extended period of cold weather in Britain.

An increased death rate associated with the winter months is a widespread international phenomenon, but Britain has one of the worst records in Europe. A World Health Organisation (WHO) report published by its European Regional Office last year stated, “The magnitude of the excess in the United Kingdom, at over 40,000 deaths every winter is the highest in the European Union"…


ziz said...

Idly chatting some years ago with a friend, a monumental mason. By way of general chat asked how busness was and was startled to be told he was coming up to huis busiest time of the year. (This was about October).

It is of course rational that deaths of the elederly rise in the winter - falls, etc., but was staryled to discover that level of increase was as startling in a Northern industrial town as it is.

Figures have passed by and remain forgotten in detail, but amongst the over 60's of both sexes the deathrate triples / quadruples - mainly through chest diseases, many of course historically industrial in origin.

Especially in Rochdale of asbestos , coal and cotton.

Anonymous said...

9 February 2009

"Last winter over 500 elderly people in Northern Ireland died of the cold because they could not afford to heat their homes. This shocking statistic, which the utility companies want to hide from people, shows the real consequences of rising energy bills."...


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