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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Silence - but at a price. Colette Bowe and John Mogg

Collete Bowe is chairman of council of Queen Mary College, London University, where she studied for her first degree in French. It was there she met Paul Sullivan the Porn rag billionaire who in those days studied economics, drove round in a pink Cadiallac wore an ankle length Afghan fur coat and pissed off Professor Peston (faher of the ever present BBC commentator of doom)so much that he refused to entertain him receiving First against the wishes of the department.

Allegedly, not only his girl friend but also quite happy in front of the lens , Collete went into the Civil Service, maked as a high flier and ended up as press secretary to the repulsive, sweaty, and ugly Leon Brittan at the DTI - and alongside the youthful, dashing, John Mogg, the now Lord Mogg of Queen's Park and the silent, listless, useless Chairman of OfGEM (who when he was admitted to the House of Lords was done so by Lord Brittan - who lists as having a Parliamentary pass John Anthony Saward (chauffeur).

Fruity old Leon was locked for reasons lost inthe mists of antiquity and the history of opur cruumbling air defences locked in unseemly combat with dashing blond wannabe leader Michael Heseltine over a complicated Westland helicopter contract. At a crucial point Collette leaked to the Press Association a key memo which was highly damaging to Heseltine and helpful to cuddly old Leon.

The crisis rumbled and grew , hinging upon the crucial point as to whether she had an official instruction from Brittan and Thatcher to leak it. They denied it. She said absolutely nothing and has said the same thing ever since.

However leaving the Civil Service some time later she then sped upwards and onwards on an increasingly rewarding career . Without regrets but she did say tearfuly in her lilting Scouse accent over a strong G&T " I wish I had followed my intention to write to David Kelly when the press were after him to offer him my help and advice. Maybe I could have helped him."

Director of Public Affairs at the Independent Broadcasting Authority then on to the forerunner of Gordon's tripartite regulatory power house, the Financial Services Authority, as director of retail regulation.

Chief executive of the Personal Investment Authority - still regulating - and only then did she join the world of money and markets as executive chairman of Save and Prosper Group and a branch of Chase Fleming.

Deputy chair of Thames Water, the board of Yorkshire Building Society, Framlington Group and Morgan Stanley Bank International, chair of the Ofcom Consumer Panel and a member of the Statistics Commission.

Then as a sort of Christmas present on December 18th when nobody was really looking it was announced she would take over the chair at Ofcom from Lord Currie when he goes at Easter.

She was chosen following a recruitment process handled by the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Of course.
"I am delighted to announce that Colette Bowe is our choice for chairman of Ofcom," said the youthful culture secretary, Andy Burnham.

The still, pretty sloe eyed, pale skinned, slim, svelte exceedingly well dressed, 61-year old will serve a five-year term with a modest annual salary of £200,000 (more than the PM) for"up to three " really hard days a week whilst maintaining her board positions at Axa Framlington, Morgan Stanley and Electra Private Equity.

How nice it is that those two old friends Collete and John or rather, Lord Mogg (appointed for a second five year term this year as the non-executive Chairman of Ofgem (the energy regulator for Great Britain) both end up past their retirement age in such hugely well paid jobs.

Like two peas in a pod.

And neither of them have ever breathed a word about how that Press Notice became available to the Press Asssociation and whether Mrs Thatcher instructed leon to leak the memo.

We look forward the early accession of Baroness Bowe of the Sealed Lips to join her friends leon and John


gyg3s said...

Don't know if this is of any interest but it looks as though a 50MW 'green' power plant is in the offing in the North East.

ziz said...

Most greenergy projects involve shovelling large amounts of energy users money into the owners / operators / proposers / plannners / lawyers / green consultants - eg wind energy cost the GRid something like £90 per MWh el;ectricity from our failing nuclear plmats and coal about £37.

The most egregious uses was of Lottery funds to help the impoversished earl of Buclleauch sell his Austrian made wood burning stoves so he could sell wood chips from his vast estates - and the £10 Mn for the Burbo Bank Liverpool project - serach on this site on keywords.

You will also find both stories some weeks later in the Sunday Times when they stole the stories without attribution to Lord Patel.

The NE suffered however from Biofuels plc opened with great pomp by His majesty Tony Blair which lost investors enormous sums of loot.

Again search the site.

or search on tag "all that is green is not gold"

gyg3s said...

thanks for the note, M'Ludd.

Depressing isn't it?

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