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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Firefox - technical advice required

The Good news - now up and running with final V. 2 updates on Firefox - impossible under Windows Vasta OS !! now they beguile with Ver. 3.0. Do we update ? Views welcome.

The other Good News - Porn Star Stormy Daniels Considering Challenge To Senator David Vitter In Republican Primaries - our favourite low - life faux family man Senator Vitter was nororiously a user of the late lamented Madam Palfrey's services and her good time girls and nappy changers . The stunning half-Irish, half-Cherokee blonde Stormy Daniels using the strapline "She's Got the Best Stimulus Package." has an office friendly campaign website and a YouTube campaign interview 13th Feb 2009 - beware others you may find of her.

On basis of all politicians are whores, she is in with a chance , seems however she is a bit too honest (even for Louisiana pols) maybe for the boondogglers on the Beltway.


paul said...

Been using v3 for ages, no particular problems, blogger editing widgets don't show up on every machine,quite why I do not know

sim said...

I hated firefox v3 and uninstalled it and went back to v2 -I found v3 slower and I detested the new address bar behaviour

Anonymous said...

Firefox 3 is shit.You have less control over it.I tried it but went back to Ff2.Opera is also ok.

You cann install 3 and go back to 2 without losing anything.

Anonymous said...

Firefox 3 rocks. 3.1 should solve the awfulbar problem (which isn't really one - just a bunch of losers complaining about their pr0n browsing history coming up on screen as their wives look at screen over their shoulders)

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