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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

German State spies illegally on their employees - don't read all about it - well not in the UK

Deutsche Bahn CEO Apologizes For Spying Scandal

Hartmut Mehdorn controversial and mysterious CEO of Deutches Bahn(DB) the German State Railway company, since 1999 fter a spell at Airbus , is another publicly apologising CEO.(DW)

After a meeting with the DB company's workers' council on Friday in Frankfurt he said ,"DB apologizes to its employees," (which includes UK citizens and Union members who work for what was EWS Ltd - was BR Freight) . Mehdorn said after a meeting with the workers' council on Friday in Frankfurt. The Transnet, GDBA and GDL unions had already been demanding that Mehdorn issue an apology for the two surveillance operations the company has historically conducted on employees.

Mehdorn had conceded that employee representatives should have been involved in the illegal surveillance using private data - it appears that only 600 "trifling" cases were discovered, but there is a suggestion that senior employees somehow were "overlooked".

Deutsche Bahn has already acknowledged that the bank data of 173,000 employees was secretly compared with customer data. They explained this was a clandestine policy to uncover "corrupt practices". The first surveillance sweep was conducted in 2002-2003 and, according to new information confirmed by Deutsche Bahn this week, a second employee investigation was carried out in 2005 on the same number of employees.

Anti-corruption agency Transparency International questios the legality of the surveillance procedures, considering that workers' representatives were not involved, nor were the affected employees informed of the investigations after they took place.

The Ministry of Transport has also announced that the board of directors at Deutsche Bahn has arranged an additional meeting for Feb. 18 to clarify the current state of knowledge bout the 2 known projects. But Ministry spokesman Rainer Lingenthal says this is too late. A quick clarification is desired and will be communicated to the board "in a suitable way."

It has been widely speculated in the German Press that journalists and politicians were also monitored MInister Lingenthal points to a written dismissal regarding this claim from Mehdorn on Jan. 29. But now the "files will be put on the table," says the spokesman and the case will be judged.
Deutsche Telekom also admit illegal spying

On top of this unfolding scandal the country's main telecommunications operator Deutsche Telekom (1/3rd State owned) has also admitted to secretly spying on employees to uncover, "suspected cases of corruption."
Deutsche Telekom's data protection advisory board held its first meeting on 9th February.
The Bonn public prosecutor's office has also informed Deutsche Telekom that, after evaluating data relating to the spying scandal, it is now to inform those directly concerned.
In May Deutsche Telekom filed criminal charges as the company had , "become aware of cases of misuse of mobile communications calls."
When filing the charges back in May the company handed over all call data that was still available to the Bonn public prosecutor's office in order to allow them to hold comprehensive investigations. For legal and data privacy reasons, Deutsche Telekom was not permitted to ascertain who was registered as having the telephone numbers affected; as such the public prosecutor's office alone was able to evaluate the call data records it had been given. Deutsche Telekom expects to be informed of the names of other victims in the course of the proceedings.
The Bonn public prosecutor's office has already informed Deutsche Telekom that not only employee representatives on the Supervisory Board and journalists, but also members of works councils and other employees of the Group were apparently victims of data misuse.

Manfred Balz, Member of the Board of Management for Data Privacy, Legal Affairs and Compliance sid today “I have already described one monstrous breach of the free of the press and the right to co-determination. The fact that members of works councils were spied upon, people who uphold employees rights under the protection of the Works Constitution Act and enjoy the explicit confidence of the employees, adds another particularly offensive dimension to these outrageous incidents.”
Yet more apologies
Deutsche Telekom say they will approach the persons concerned as soon as they are aware of their names. The company will then apologize to them in an appropriate form.
UK Press silent on the case -

Just consider the new DVLA TV d campign - , produced
by DLKW through COI, on the subject there is ‘No Way Out for Car Tax Evaders’. It describes
the on-road (al fresco in front of your girlfriend) enforcement
process, from clamping and towing to ultimately crushing your vehicle, that the
DVLA can employ should you fail to pay. ... a young man and his
girlfriend return to their car on their way home from a night out-
attempting to unlock his car door crumples. Explosions / implosions
are a prelude to an invisible crusher , the car begins to crush

The VO - suitably grim and
official ..... don’t pay your car tax, the DVLA has the power to clamp,
tow, or even crush your car.

End Frame .... the car being crushed to a cube at the man’s feet whilst his
horrified girlfriend looks on.

This slots in alongside the BBC TV Licensing Database ads, this is the simple extension of the interconnected databases, for children, NHS records, HMRC , access to telecoms records, ALL international travel (already collected for travel the US under Privy Council Order in Council) - add our DNA , e-mails, website logins, bank records (the US already reads ALL Swift money transfers).

Now why don't the UK Press want to publish how the German State owned industries snoop on employees, journalists ..... even their UK resident employees. Hnds up if you work for E-0n , RWE , EDF , Swiss Post Office , DHL (Bundespost)....

POSTSCRIPT : To illustrate the point we chose to direct readers to Stef's posting "It's all in the Database" with the BBC Database You Tube version of the ad.... well wudja bleeve it .... it's no longer there ...."improper use" etc, etc.,

Make do with this from the Auto Trader - money well spent ...


ElmerLives said...

well wudja bleeve it .... it's no longer there ...."improper use" etc, etc...

Fear not, Postie...

Here's one I made earlier.

I got them in my database :-P

paul said...

I have to admire the public information film. It plays skilfilly on every young man's latent castration anxiety.

Transgress and you will be emasculated in front of the bird. You will not be able to ride her home, you will be reduced to something that is neither man nor woman.

After a humiliating nocturnal journey on public transport, she will then leave for a real man with a correctly registered car.

I can't wait for the one showing the hotline for informing on banking theives.

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