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Friday, February 20, 2009

TCCB spurns Sir Allan Stanford's dosh - Lord Condon the corrupt cricket expert stays silent .. maybe he has a lot to be silent about

On July lst last year my noble colleague and expert on all things corrupt in Cricket Lord Condon. he's long been involved in corruption as the head of the ICC’s anti-corruption unit, told the governing body’s annual meeting that the IPL provided the biggest threat of corruption since the mid-1990s.

Therefore in all this brou ha ha about Sir Allan Stanford and the TCCB / Antigua and corruption on and off the cricket field - Sir Alan is also involved in golf and Polo promotion Lord Condon's silence is not golden.

At the time Dave Richardson,
the ICC’s general manager said “Let’s face it, the IPL is the first domestic competition which has attracted such huge interest and it’s inevitably going to attract the interest of match-fixers and people like that."

Condon could so easily have checked out amongst the many, many ex (?) spooks in the House of Lords , Lady handbag .. Baroness Dame Mary jane Neville Jones (and she came in close contact with few rum coves in Bosnia in her time - epicentre of cigarette smuggling) aboutthis helicopter at lords landing , glad handing dodgy Texan., ,

Usual procedure is, to "casually" spy a spy in the bar and say something like . " My friend met this chappie - owns a Bank in ...Belize ... somewhere in sunny Carib's ocean . owns the Government for all we know , Caribbean that sort of place ... good a for a Bob or two is he ?.. slinging it about a bit, propping up marginal constituencies funding a dodgy political comic called" Total Bollocks Total Politics " You know the sort of thing. You get my drift ?.

Especially when a chaps on the square.

Couple of weeks later yer spy will spy you - maybe in the Gents urinal, the handy one by Annie's Bar, and he / she say something like " that chappie your chappie met with the bank sort of place ... seems like he has chums in all the right places " often a left and weak dependent eyelid will droop and a finger will tap on the old drink encrusted proboscis.

There you go.

Chaps bona fides sorted out .. no names. No Pack Drill. No mess, no publicity all above board , under the table you understand. Silent as the night. Quiet as the grave.

Now we have all this mud being slung , it'll be the bent groundsmen (Bob Woolmer in South Africa) and drugs being smuggled in the pads again ...

Not like Condon to let us down ... not the same since all these Blair Babes and that funny lookig Greek Lord Adonis came in to bat at this end.

Chaps word used to be his bond they said.

Old Truscott was recalling the good old days before the riff raff moved in .. fancy another ?

POST SCIPT - Wonderfully funny article plugging the crooked and corrupt Sir Allan Stamford by Simon Wilder in the Times when his plans were unveiled. It wasn't meant to be funny - oddly the name of Sir Richard Branson with extensive Carib interests pops up. (As we speak the bearded genius is on BBC4 Radio saving the Honda F1 team .... maybe)

POSTSCRIPT 2 Chief Scout of the Antigua and Barbuda Branch of The Scout Association, Freemason , 7th Day Adventist and Governer General Sir James Beethoven Carlisle was responsible for making the award of a Knighthood to Sir Allan Stamford (anyone know when ?) - the second awarded by Antigua.

Despite Stamford's alleged billions they still don't have decent cricket pitch on Antigua, nor golfcourse or Polo field.


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Rinki - readers fascinated by the razz ma tazz of IPL2009 will certainly seize your offer.

Despite Lord Patel's mother's twin sister playing cricket for Lancashire in the 30's there is no enthusiasm here - wathing cncrete set and paint dry is a prefered sport.

Interest is limited to corrupt cricketers,coppers, ex coppers, noble lords , and their attendant flock of bankers / shysters / hoopla men, celebrities - not all of course who are synonymous or even share identity.

Best wishes - tidied up soe typos whichte spooks must have introduced to spite us.BTW

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