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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This is post 5,010 since April 2005 - Apologies and explanation for brief hiatus

There are many enemies of blogging. The worst is a product called Microsoft Vista. When supplied on brand new Acer Aspire desk top you have a world beating , brain churning bit of expensive power hungy kit.

Just when needed most to keep in touch globally this bag of crap fell over. Terminally.

Things are not quite back to normal but we now have a modest, mildly antique FREE tower running Windows XP Pro. The first 5 day stint of chemotherapy is over.

Things is looking up.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...


What made you put that crap on in the first place???.Or buy it already on with your computer???.

I take delight going into PC world and saying I want to buy the most expensive computer they have but it must have XP pro on it.They don`t let you choose they dictate what OS you will have, all they do is Vista...I say to them you have lost a sale...it hurts them but they still won`t change.Dell had a lot of problems with this and changed back to given you the option...they were losing too many customers.I have heard that Vista Ultimate is good...but I won`t take the chance...stick with XP Pro.

Anonymous said...

Buy the way...

"Microsoft has already said the fundamentals of Windows 7 will be similar to Vista. It is being built using the same kernel as Vista, which is pretty much the brain of a computer. The kernel decides how to allocate memory to different programs, and even decides exactly what the computer should do at any particular instant."

"This means Windows 7 is going to be very much a revamp rather than a complete rewrite of Vista. Indeed, Microsoft may be hoping to produce a system with all the good features of Vista but without the negative stigma that accompanied it."

In otherwords it`s going to be CRAP...


Anonymous said...

You have to look around to find XP Pro.

"Vista Business / XP Pro downgrade • pre-installed"...


XP Pro downgrade...I don`t think so lol.

ziz said...

Lord Ptel has used Microsoft products since he late 70's and o,poted CBasic direct from US of A.

Long learnt not to be pioneer but retirement from 25 yrs running international sofware development company (still in biz) unwisely bought as detailed and through stubborness / idleness / meanness stuck with it.

It's the wurdz and pix what matter.

sam_m said...

Disagree with the Anons above. I'm running Win 7 and in its Beta it's much better than Vista.
MS seem, effectively, to have given up on Vista. Every patch they've brought out for it has fkd something else.

My preferred o/s for netting is XP+SP1. Anything later than that is for people so dull of wit they'd've voted for Bush in 04 or Blair 05.

Alas you need full bells, whistles and dot net framework to run current apps.
XP is easily found if you look. I'd recommend the stripped down "Performance Edition" :)

Anonymous said...

February 05, 2009

"Ballmer: Stay on Windows XP and you will face a backlash"...


"Microsoft's plans to launch six versions of Windows 7 could be setting up the company for a consumer backlash similar to what it has faced with Vista, a research analyst said Wednesday."...


"Microsoft u-turn on Windows 7 security"...


"Windows on multicore: Why XP reigns supreme"

"Windows XP has a huge performance edge over Microsoft's Vista and Windows 7 when run on today's multicore hardware. It won't be the operating systems after Windows 7 that the fruit of Microsoft's multicore optimisation labours will be fully realised."...


paul said...

All the best with your recupration

ziz said...

Thnx Paul

As the man pssed the 23rd floor on the way down the Empire State Bldng

So far

So good

Just enjoyed 4 wankers explaining the banking system we all benefit from.. if they had been qualified in some way in the subject , may have learnt something useful.

Well yes, ..took a wrong left turn at taxonomy a long time ago.

paul said...

Just about the worst thing I've read all year

Anonymous said...

what the fuck postie you can buy windows xp on amazon,,who the fuck goes to some shit arsed shop these fuckin days fer christs fuckin sake.you don´t need yer feckin legs with the internet.

computers jeezus fuckin christ.

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windows vista, windows xp home, windows xp professional.

Anonymous said...

"Western Digital Passport USB Portable Hard Drive (160GB, black)"


Stef from South Island said...

"All the best with your recupration"


Anonymous said...

"MS sued for charging for Vista-XP downgrade"...


Anonymous said...

"All the best with your recupration"


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A lot of tomatoes (everything organic by the way)and a LOT of fruit and berries.

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