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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

European Antibiotic Awareness Day - Redux - educating qualified doctors about antibiotic resistance

18th November 2008 was the first-ever European Antibiotic Awareness Day, and was apparently celebrated throughout the 27 EU Member States. (website)

The intention was for public health authorities in all Member States to raise awareness (ie spend a lot of money on a publicity campaign) to highlight the need for "rational" use of antibiotics.After all the official website claims " The inappropriate use of antibiotics has become a serious threat to public health in

In the UK - where (unlike many EU countries, antibiotics are only available on prescription ) the Department of Health’s Advisory Committee for Antibiotic Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infection (ARHAI) organised a national conference (Chairman Professor Roger Finch Professor of Infectious Diseases at the University of Nottingham and Consultant to the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust + 18 members ) . This was aimed at health science journalists and health professionals in a one day event at the Science Museum, South Kensington, London.

Amazingly, in their literature they claim that inthe UK .."Most patients are prescribed antibiotics without the doctor knowing the cause of the infection." and that ...."Antibiotics are commonly prescribed for respiratory infections when most of these are caused by viruses not bacteria."

If this is the state of education of General Practioners and truly reflects normal practice then we DO have a problem. Surely this cannot be correct ?

Anyway quietly they are having another go.

Professor Brian Duerden CBE, Inspector of Microbiology and Infection Control; Dr Keith Ridge, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer with Dr Ridge Chief Pharmaceutical officer , wrote to his colleagues on February 20th to raise awareness to that antibiotics don’t work on colds, most coughs or sore throats. His letter is here (PDF) and if a Doctor can order leaflets online here and simple Guide to Clostridium and MRSA infections.

So that is why the Daily Telegraph had an NHS ad promoting Antibiotic Awareness Day yesterday. Here is a European logo - anyone who can explain the signficance of the hedgehog is welcome to explain - we thought they were currently hibernating.

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