"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Government are doing a splendid job .....

Gordon or someone at the Cabinet Office has just sent a Press Release.

Cabinet Office
10/03/2009 08:45
Cabinet Office (National)
(Cab Office) Working Together - Public Services On Your Side

The Government will today set out its vision for the future shape of public services, building on a decade of unprecedented investment and rising standards.

There follows a list of previusly announced things on which the Government is spending our money on ....

It ends

* Across government delivering £35bn of value for money savings, equivalent to £1,400 per household that will be allocated to front line services and further savings to come in 2009 Budget.

Notes to editors

The document Working Together - Public Services On Your Side can be viewed at http://www.hmg.gov.uk/workingtogether.aspx from 00:01 on Tuesday 10 March.

Cabinet Office Press Office 22 Whitehall LONDON SW1A 2WH
Tel: 020 7276 2533

" ....delivering £35bn of value for money savings, equivalent to £1,400 per household ".

Well they have been delivering savings of £35N (that's about 10% of Central Government Expenditure) for years so they should be spending nothing by now.

Setting the Agenda for the tame lickspittle press ? Diverting attention from the Armageddon of Global Financial Meltdown ?

No. Apparently we should be rejoicing because one of these great cost savings is "Giving Jobcentre Plus advisers greater discretion to personalise support, benefiting up to 80,000 jobseekers." There are of course 3 Mn Jobseekers at the moment .. and rising.

Economic gloom descends on town
by Pete Bainbridge Macclesfield Express March 11, 2009

"FURTHER economic gloom has descended on Macclesfield as new figures reveal the highest number of jobseekers in a decade coupled with a huge leap in home repossessions." read on

...... "Melanie, who wants to be a countryside ranger, said: "There used to be a job club in Macclesfield where they would help you with CVs and help you apply for jobs, but it’s not there anymore. I think it lost funding."


Anonymous said...

Great news -the chocolate ration has been raised from 40g to 30g .

Anonymous said...

11 Mar 2009

"UK ISPs will be required to hand over records of customers’ internet surfing habits, including IP addresses and times of use, to police and intelligence agencies from Sunday"...


One more nail in the coffin...There will soon be more metal then wood in the coffin of freedom.

ziz said...

It is a given that this is already being done. probably not universally but on a targetted base.

Nobody is lifted they just watch and take copious notes.

Anonymous said...


Re-posting this as there has been "developments"...

Contest 2


"denied public funds"

Would that mean not entitled to social security benefits/NHS etc.

"Contest 2 would widen the definition of extremists"

Would that be anyone that holds a different opinion to the government...bloggers/members of other political parties etc.


"Stewart Jackson (Shadow Minister, Communities and Local Government; Peterborough, Conservative) Link to this | Hansard source | Video match this"

"What discussions will the Secretary of State have with staff at Luton Jobcentre Plus about reviewing the benefit entitlements of the Islamist extremists who so disgracefully disrupted the Royal Anglian Regiment's homecoming in Luton last week, given that, self-evidently, they were not available for work?"...


Anonymous said...

“Barclays gags Guardian over tax"

“Injunction forces news website to remove seven leaked memos showing how bank avoided hundreds of millions of pounds in tax”


Anonymous said...

This goes with the post one above...

"You can read them like a book. This is the TheyWorkForYou Register of Interests entry for the said Islamophobe Stewart Jackson MP Peterborough (Con)"

"6. Overseas visits
7-11 July 2008, to Israel, hosted by Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), to gain an understanding of the current state of affairs in the region including East Jerusalem, Gaza and the Golan Heights. CFI contributed the cost of flights, accommodation and some meals. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Official Guests Department) contributed to the costs of travel inside Israel, some accommodation and meals. (Registered 14 July 2008)
Register last updated: 11 Mar 2009"...


Anonymous said...

"Oz Internet censorship :Australia secretly censors Wikileaks press release list, 16 Mar 2009"

"Corrupt big international Bankster censors busy too"

"Barclays Bank gags Guardian over leaked memos detailing offshore tax scam, 16 Mar 2009"...


Anonymous said...

"Whistleblower exposes insider trading program at JP Morgan"...


Blair works for JP Morgan.

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