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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Healthcare in the EU - No 1 Cyprus

An ultrasound scanning machine is a basic piece of hospital diagnostic equipment - with many purposes , it has it's main clinical use in examining pregnant women - although other tests including checks for ovarian cysts or cancer, blocked bile ducts, and infertility checks are just as vital.

At Limassol General Hospital (2nd largest twn in Cyprus pop. 170 ,000) it has been broken (amd unrepaired or replaced) for 16 months, with little propesct of the situation changing soon.

This means pregnant women to either go private or travel to Paphos hospital for scans.

Meanwhile if you need a scan pay = OR - €100 by going to private clinics join the queue at Paphos hospital.

Andreas Georgiou, is described as the Supplies and Offers Officer at the Ministry of Healthand explains the bureaucratic delays.

“Although the bidding process has moved on substantially, it is unfortunately a long technical process that allows any bidder to make objections or comments and go to court challenging decisions. We are not evading responsibility, but it is a long process,” he said.

Further more the hapless and hopeless Georgiou explains that contracting a company to provide a new ultrasound machine was not the responsibility of the Ministry of Health, but of the Ministry of Communications.

“In the case of ultrasounds we may be responsible for supplying hospitals, but it is the Electromechanical Services, Public Works Department and the Ministry of Communications that is responsible for the bidding process,” Georgiou said.

According to Georgiou, they are making huge efforts to fix the existing ultrasound, so that it can operate until the new machine finally arrives. “I have asked that we buy a probe for the existing machine until the new one comes. I am making huge efforts for this to happen,” he said. - What no spares ? No maintenance contract ?

Surely a phone call to the manufacturers would be enough ?

Meanwhile medical tourism in the form of Plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry is a booming business on the island .....

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