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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Andy ..throw shit in the fan and sometimes it comes back to slap you

In autumn 2005, just before the annual Tory Party Conference, Screws editor Andy Coulson ran a front page splash…


Illustrated with pictures of angel-faced Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne, it claimed that eleven years before, while he was at Oxford, the then flawless Osborne was said, without any convincing corroboration, to have been watched by ‘dominatrix’ hooker, Natalie Rowe, snorting a line of coke. Her boyfriend, an unnamed friend of Osborne’s had gone on to become an addict, the report alleged....

(In an October 2008 story by the screws) Natalie, a hooker allegedly brought in to brighten up Bullingdon Club meetings (never mentioned in the 2005 story), “tells” (author of this drivel) Ms Nuwar ‘I felt an empathy with George because we were both outsiders.’ In the sense that he had been voted into the Bullingdon and she had not?

Which story the Daily mail re-cycle today by that well known scribbler " A Daily Mail Reporter" as I'll name and shame four top Tories, claims prostitute with links to George Obsorne (also Sunday Mirror)

Which is all very amusing because the NOTW editor when the riinal try surfaced was ... Andy Coulson who was appointed the Conservative Party's Director of Communications. Mr Coulson, 39, was of course (apart from sanctioning illegal access to royal telcoms ***) well known for his past stint as editor of The Sun's Bizarre pop gossip column.

Mr Cameron (The Conservative Party Leader) said: "Andy is a hugely experienced journalist. I am delighted that he has agreed to join my team.

"Andy will make a formidable contribution as a senior member of my team in building the most effective strategy and operation to win the next general election. I look forward very much to working with him".

*** Let us not forget that Clive Goodman, 49, of Putney, London, tapped into several hundred royal messages,and he and Glenn Mulcaire, 36, of Sutton, Surrey, were jailed for six months after pleading guilty

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of things Osbourne, it leads to things Rothschild

How many Oligarchs are there?

How many work for Rothschild?

Wiping Poland Off The MapMorgan Tsvangirai's wife 'killed by U.S. aid truck'Remeber Nat R’s recent very public shenanigans with Deripaska, Mandelson and Osbourne?

I’m chuckling away to myself over the fact that no one else here has even noticed that all the leading players, involved in that very un-nessecary public farce, appear to be financially beholden to young Master Nat. Talk about a puppet-master.

That guy’s good!

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