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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Farewell Postie

As some of you already know by now Ed Teague, Lord Patel, passed away earlier today.

I'll be replacing the text of this post with something more appropriate, in accordance with the wishes of Ed and his family, in due course.

However, other bloggers have already written tributes to Lord Patel, so it seems only fair to mark Lord P's passing with a post here now

Lord Patel's regular readers represented a diverse range of political beliefs and world views

The common factor was, is an appreciation of Lord P's anti-authoritarian, liberationist stance taken on, well, lots of issues

That, and his elevation of typos to an art form

I'm missing him already


Update 13/6/09:

A list of on-line tributes to Lord Patel as I find them...

A read through these tributes, and the accompanying comments, is a sad reminder of the quality of the friend we have all lost

As a contributor to the July 7th Forum wrote a couple of days ago...

"I have been thinking lots about the Postie & I have been feeling a wee bit empty - it's hard to explain..."



Watching Them, Watching Us said...

The Postman Patel blog was one of Spy Blog's favourite blogs, with particularly interesting facts and commentary about Climate of Fear terrorism hype and on Russian oligarchs etc.

He was kind enough to comment intelligently on several Spy Blog articles.

Edward Teague will be missed, but hopefully some of his wisdom and wit will be preserved in cyberspace digital archives.

Anonymous said...

His blog was absolutely brilliant. He seemed to me to be highly intelligent and knowledgeable. He was straight to the point and didn't care who he insulted. He penetrated the surface. He was really funny and I loved his use of language. What a man!

paul said...

Terrible to finally hear, but he will be remembered well.

sam_m said...

God rest his soul.

jan said...

he will be missed

brenda said...

Thank you S. What a sad day for us all. His insight, courage and strength of purpose will be very much missed.

Warmest of sympathies to Mrs T and his daughter. He had a huge and very appreciative readership who loved him.

Rob Lewis said...

I'll miss this blog.

jon doy said...

the more i read in the various tributes, and the more of his writings people link to, the more clearly the loss comes into focus, too sad for words but words are the blog medium

thank you Edward Teague for your efforts, your sheer humanity

the biggest tribute i can think of now is to try to aim for something at least in the direction of his level of, well, everything

now without him, but we can all try to carry some of his spirit, his fire, his wit and his persistence in the face of all the things that are today's conspiracy theory, and, if we don't do all we can to make good, tomorrow's actuality

who amongst you is Spartacus ?

Hubris said...

Fare thee well,
Postman Patel,
A blogging giant
a man amongst midgets
(thanks Steff)

Anonymous said...

So sad to lose you again, this time for good.
Some time ago I lost Ed Teague's e-mail address and contact when changing my internet provider.
Then found Postman Patel's blog - came back to it often because it resonated with me - and I sometimes posted his stunningly insightful and in-depth information on several progressive/libertarian Inernet sites, [took the liberty of editing some of the typos LOL]
sorry I didn't think/recognize it was you Ed, stupid me :(.
Should have followed your good advice three years ago to buy gold,
yes, it would have looked good on my wife, regardless of the economics :),
well, you will be remembered as a good guy, an outstanding person, a courageous character, a memorable man,
someone shure worth missing.
Lot's of love to your family and close friends,
thanks for letting him share himself with all of us out here in cyberspace,

Anonymous said...

My condolences to Ed's family. I will truly miss his blog, it was brilliant. RIP Ed, Lord Patel.

Anonymous said...

A straight to the point good and honest fellow, bless his soul. Our loss, heavens gain.

BZ said...

If the saying 'knowledge is power' is true, then Edward Teague was one of the most generous men I (n)ever met. RIP Postie.

Simon said...

The bravest the world has known and the devil himself was afeared to go to sea with him. And 'maybe one day there'll be a human society in a world which is beautiful, which isn't just disgust'

other Tom said...

A gent and a scholar. There's a hloe in the blogosphere now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ardent Observations: Postman no longer delivering the mail

Hubritic Anomaly: Long Live Lord Patel

Jamie said...

I didn't know who you really were but through your writing which I viewed religiously I knew a part of you & what a great part it was. I'll miss you Postman.

Anonymous said...

corrected url

Hubritic Anomaly: Long Live Lord Patel

moonkoon said...

Thanks for your great blog Postman. You will be long remembered.
Condolences to your family and friends.

Kate-A said...

Sad. Peace and comfort to the family.

diamant said...

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Anonymous said...


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