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Monday, July 18, 2005

FCUKED - House of Lords reports

I started the Forthcoming UK Energy Deficiency group (FCUKED) 3 years ago. It requires back of an enevelope math to see that with the absence of any nuclear or coal fired power stations being built or being considered that the dependency on imported gas (70% by 2020 at least) is a threat to UK security.

Wind / water / biofuels / energy efficiency are playing at the edges. I can't precis this report just read it for yourself - having of course read the comical White Paper New Labour issued a Stone Age (and several Energy Ministers )ago.

House of Lords, Science & Technology Committee, Report on Energy Efficiency, says ... amongst its 350 odd pages which a must and unput downable read... Remember for some reason they exclude transport air and land from the report which is odd but made the report manageable. Their conclusion makes it evident why the dear leader wants rid of the HOL.... well besides the brown nosers he appoints, Lord Warner etc (I could go on but won't)

"Energy efficiency has been drafted into the service of a wide range of policy objectives since the 1970s, but the way it has been understood and measured has been elusive and variable. We have been dismayed in the course of our inquiry by the inconsistency and muddle of much current thinking about energy efficiency.
This muddle is not the sole responsibility of Government, but only Government can resolve it. However, the current attempt to present energy efficiency as “the most cost-effective way to meet all [four] energy policy goals” only adds to the confusion. At the very least, careful oversight will be needed to ensure that the targets set for energy efficiency are defined, that conflict between them is avoided, and that progress is measured. We urge the Government to bring greater clarity and intellectual rigour to its presentation of energy efficiency.
Energy still figures low on most people’s priorities, and consequently as a nation we are profligate in our waste of energy. Long-term reductions in energy use will only be possible if the millions of users—individuals, businesses, schools and other public-sector bodies—are educated, encouraged, and given access to real-time information on their use of energy and its costs, economic and environmental."

see also ...

House of Lords, Select Committee on Economic Affairs, The Economics of Climate

...bit of a chnage from the fucking bombers anyway...

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