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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Indirectly incite terrorism....

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In a statement on the aftermath of the London bombing, Mr Clarke also said he planned a new offence of "indirect incitement to terrorism", to add to the current offence of direct incitement.

He said it "targets those who, while not directly inciting, glorify and condone terrorist acts knowing full well that the effect on their listeners will be to encourage them to turn to terrorism". BBC Online report 20/7/2005

" OK.. it's a fair cop Guv, you've got me bang to right. So you have"

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IreneFingIrene said...

So after all the massive anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-Blair protests, all the support for the Palestinians, the popularly-elected mayor coming out and blaming the war and the Jews, London is BOMBED AGAIN.

And it's Bush's fault?

Keep chanting that until all your gays are stoned, your women imprisoned under burqas, your artists assasinated, and your moonbat paranoia is shoved up your ass with a backpack bomb.

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