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Thursday, July 21, 2005

MI 5 Mules trained in deception ?

Theorist posts this on xymphora .... as Mule Ver. 2.1

Lets modify the mule theory a bit.

Four young men involved in petty crime probably small time drug pushers too. MI5 are looking for human intelligence sources on extremist muslims. Catch said youths and threaten them with 30 years in the slammer if they dont cooperate. Encourage them to grow beard and seek out hardline muslims in the community.

After a period of time, send them over to Pakistan to try and work their way into Madrassas with known links to 'terrorist groups' such as LET and JEM. Operatives turn out to be too inexperienced and naive to penetrate closed intelligence circles in madrassas. The people M15 seek intelligence on realise where these kids are from and turn them away.

Said youths return to UK without any success and are now expendable. Now use different operatives to rope them into some minor drug running operations to gain their trust. Send them on a mission with packages containing explosives rather than drugs. Previously simulated drills enacted for real and the capital undergoes a rather conveniently timed terrorist attack.

Adds a level of complexity but widens possible authors.

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