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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Pick’n’Mix bombing

The beauty of recruiting mules means that you can have multiple recruiting centres, dispersed. Automatically they remain silent, drug men enforce discipline in well publicised and deadly fashion. Mum would never know, hey, says the man, show up at the mosque, study the Koran – who will guess what you are doin’ ?

Look serious man, this is serious bread man.

You have happy well paid mules, all you need is money – in terms of the endless plots, plotting and plotters, that operate in this seedy and murky world, we are talking peanuts.

One endless leitmotif is the fit, happy, smiling Asian who spends time down at the gym… lots of it …. Endlessly repetitive sets, day in day out. Time ? It’s something he has plenty of.

Far fetched this idea of recruting drug couriers from the jobless ? BBC Thursday, November 18, 1999

A drugs courier told Cardiff Crown Court how a team of former paratroopers recruited him to join a multi-million pound smuggling ring.

Mark Ralph, 34, was an unemployed factory worker when he was persuaded to become a drugs runner, carrying more than £4m in cannabis and amphetamines.

But Ralph became a police informant. The former soldiers of the Third Parachute Regiment are accused of using their military expertise to distribute cannabis and amphetamines in an operation spanning Britain.

Approached by gang

Ralph is alleged to have moved drugs worth £4m in 15 trips from Dover to south Wales. Ex-paras Adrian Howells, 32, John Davidson, 32, ex-soldier John Bloodworth, 29, are on trial for being part of the gang.

Ralph, of Cwmbran, South Wales, told the court he was approached by the gang after losing his job. He said: "I was paid £200 a trip to take money to Dover and bring drugs back and I was also paid to store drugs in my shed."

Business used as cover

But Ralph began giving information to the police.
The court was told the gang set up a second-hand car sales business as cover for their cash and for running couriers around the country.

Police found a military-style list of instructions to John Bloodworth from his ex-para brother Steven, 29.

John Bloodworth, of St Dials, Cwmbran, south Wales, Howells, of Thanet Gardens, Folkstone, Kent, and Davidson, of Odo Road, Dover, Kent, all deny conspiracy to supply amphetamine and cannabis.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding analysis all the way through PMK... the four guys don't have the kind of social profiles that would at least approximately describe fanatical suicide bombers and they appear far more likely to have been set up as fall guys who thought they were out making easy money for a days work muling heroin or hashish down to London.

It's much less convoluted and more realistic than the repetitious drivel currently being injected into our craniums by the mainstream media. Occum would certainly have no objections.

Stef said...

Somebody's already made this point but a 30 year old special needs teacher with a young family doesn't fit the the drug runner profile either. Aside from being Muslim, the only other thing that appears to connect these guys is a love of sport - if you wanted to work up an alternate story I'd start with that angle.

But I personally wouldn't

The drug mule scenario seems to be gaining ground on certain blogs that doubt the official explanation for the London Bombings.

This is really dangerous.

The consequences are that it will divide those who are sceptical and the alternate explanation may also serve as a 'straw man' that the authorities can knock down and discredit all those who doubt.

There's plenty wrong with the current story being told by the authorities. We would all be better advised to keep the ball in their half of the field, and pick at what's wrong in what they're saying, rather than setting up speculative alternate explanations that they can attack and serve as a distraction.

Don't repeat the mistakes of the past, please...

ziz said...

Stef : Seen your post saying the above, on Xymphora. The problem is they would love this to be kicked, as they say, into the long grass (another sporting metaphor - somehow appropriate as you mention the guys were mad on sport).

I keep picking away but as other posts here show, I do have other concerns at present.FCUKED is a very long term project of mine.

What worries me is that one gets identified with the guys who say ...in the picture only 9 stripes of the Stars and Stripes show, and it was a Tuesday, the 3rd day of the week, etc.,.... especially when I have a fascination with magic squares !

Anonymous said...

I note the good advice to concentrate on the endless flaws in the Official Version. The pattern of some of these flaws I do find suggestive, however.

Has anyone else wondered if the rucksacks and those carrying them are what Alfred Hitchcock called a "McGuffin"?

The circumstances of the blasts suggest they were unlikely to be hand-delivered - their simultaneity and all going off in trains. This seems even less credible performed by dupes and in a tight 20 minutes from Kings Cross. What if the bombs were put under or in the trains overnight? Like Madrid. Each bomb in a different carriage 1-2-3 from front to look random. Getting everyone to focus on these 4 individuals and their motivation has dragged attention from the blasts themselves. 2 eyewitnesses in bomb carriages on BBC site described a hole ripped in the floor and inspection covers blown out. Observer report on 10 July included hole ripping through floor as one of the features of their reconstruction. Very unlikely with bomb placed on floor, surely?

The 4th guy gets connected to the bus bomb, an odd event which is intended to be suggestive of the non-existent rucksack bombs. Another apparently random, "human error" touch. This bomb too has been pre-placed. Look at the bombed bus photos and recall what the police have been saying about where it went off. Have a look at the back of one of those same London buses. The bus blast serves as proof of the rucksack bombs and it gives a focus for the visual appetite of the media. Compare number of images of bus to Tube. I've only seen one long shot of a train. Another big distraction is the notion of small bombs, let alone home-made. These bombs don't really seem small to me, knocking down a wall next to one train and damaging the tunnel above another. Stops people thinking about big bombs, professionally placed, unchallenged, like Madrid.

People will notice that it would be hard to steer these 4 guys into the right carriages in the right trains and onto the 30 bus. Who says they were in these places? The police seemed satisfied that them recording the presence of ID at the bomb sites is quite sufficient. No DNA tests for example. (The Sun reported the Jamaican guy's wife demanding DNA proof.) The 4 were 4 of the first 5 dead identified, weren't they?

The wealth of CCTV evidence is a bit conspicuous by its absence, isn't it? The bus is already written off. Just one of those things, it seems, from police reaction. Bomb on bus and out-of-action CCTV can not possibly be connected in Scotland Yard's mind, like possible signs of a criminal having been on the vehicle overnight. Where is the film from the various bombed trains? Have we seen even the much-cited Kings Cross footage, come to that? No footage showed any rucksack bombers at Madrid, ditto the 9/11 hijackers. We must await revelations.

Another advantage of dead men is that you can say and write whatever you like about them. If these guys' ID hadn't been found on those trains and they were not presumed dead, none of this stuff about them could be put in media releases or placed in the media, could it? And what might people be thinking in that absence?

Stef said...


I've posted similar comments on three or four blogs today - the response from the blogging community is really worrying me. That's an understatement

It would be so much better if those who are concerned about what is being done found some common cause and stuck to it.

There are no excuses. We can all see how the 911 was handled. The official 'explanation' still holds sway because those who doubt lost focus through chasing too many red herrings and competing alternative explanations. Some of those explanations possibly planted as deliberate misinformation.

By coming up with our own speculations we allow the game to be brought to our half of the field. It's just not needed. Keep hammering at the weaknesses of their story. Press for proper investigation. Sniff out the bullshit.

Surely, we can all agree on that and present some kind of united front?

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