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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

De Menezes..is the IPCC wasting it's time ?

The IPCC was formed after considerable consultation

Police Reform Act 2002 2002 Chapter 30 - continued
The Independent Police Complaints Commission 9

10 .1.f.…. to carry out functions in relation to the National Criminal Intelligence Service, the National Crime Squad and bodies of constables maintained otherwise than by police authorities which broadly correspond to those conferred on the Commission in relation to police forces by the preceding paragraphs of this subsection......

10. (2) Those matters are-

(a) the handling of complaints made about the conduct of persons serving with the police;

One therefore wonders what position any serving members of HM Armed Forces who may be “working with the Police” are in in relation to the the IPCC. They certainly are not “bodies of constables”.

Presumably it can , and no doubt, will, be argued that such personnel must be answerable to only one and not two disciplinary codes.

Which may be a very good reason why it is “special forces” who are the ones who actually pull the trigger.

No doubt all will become unclear eventually... On the IPCC website you can e-mail any queries, I have done and asked for answers to clarify the position of serving members of HM forces - or indeed any odd Israeli who may have blundered by accident into the matter in hand.

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Nur-al-Cubicle said...

IPCC provides a convenient foot-dragging apparatus.

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