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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Israel's Gulag

The Jerusalem Times today, quotes an anonymous “veteran Palestinian journalist”

…"Undoubtedly, Sharon has scored a big victory in the international media. Now he's being portrayed as a man of peace and there are some who are even nominating him for the Nobel Peace Prize. This is very worrying because the world has forgotten all what he did to the Palestinians over the past 50 years."

Sharon has , as usual steamrollered his way – OK so the Greater Israel is put on hold, but now we have a smaller Israel, but it will soon be 100% Kosher. He has rid himself and his land of the swarming cockroaches and will now envelop and exclude the rest of the tiresome Arabs from the West Bank (or Samaria as they like to call it officially ) who will be offered the opportunity to populate the land he has given them… “You want Palestine …Great, now you have it, now Fuck Off and enjoy it “

It wasn’t going to be like this, remember. Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, on one of her whirling “Drive by Diplomacy” trips on 23rd July 2005 met Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia and Palestinian Interior Minister Nasser Yousef – the man who is responsible for the Palestinian security forces - amid signs the Palestinians were beginning to buckle under heavy Israeli and US pressure to clamp down on groups like Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. Something they seem so far to have done with considerable success - or by the self denying ordinance of Hamas.

On the table were 13 grievances the Palestinians wanted agreed on, before the Israeli withdrawal, said Diana Buttu, Abbas’ adviser at the time, including the key points, a passage route linking Gaza to the West Bank, the opening of Gaza’s port and airport. and control of border crossings into Gaza. (Remember this was ONE MONTH AGO)

So what have they got ? If a Palestinian now wants to travel anywhere by air, he needs to travel overland450 Km to Cairo. To import or export, he can only use the Egyptian ports of Damietta and Port Saïd, an overland trip of 300Km. He can't travel to work in Israel and cannot get direct access to the West Bank. Border crossing are controlled by Israel and Egypt.

Now Israel is to ask UN Security Council to pass a resolution declaring the end of its occupation, which no doubt Mr John Bolton will be warming up, to ram through a pliant Council at breakneck speed. They will of course get it, despite decades of refusal to follow countless UN resolutions.

Legal advisor Younès al-Jarou, says such a resolution, means the Israelis intends to avoid its obligations which compel it to protect the occupied populace and to provide for their essential needs in health, education and food. Gaza will be cut off from Israel .... which Israel isn't the slightest bit concerned about ..... but it will also be cut off politically, socially and economically from the West Bank and Jerusalem and that's a problem.

This gigantic hoax perpetrated by Sharon the Butcher of Sabra and Shattila, 38 years after the 1967 defeat and 12 years after the Oslo accords transforms military disengagement into the end of the occupation. This effectively imprisons the Palestinian population in a giant Gulag, where they can neither use the port of Ashdod, the airport at Tel Aviv nor will they be allowed work in Israel.

Meanwhile the charade of “expulsion” of the Bronx bred settlers armed with their Neanderthal beliefs and Kalshnikovs and Uzis is at an end. "I have no sympathy for the settlers," Jihan Mahmoud, a university student from a village near Ramallah is quoted in the Jerusalem Times, "What we saw on television was just a show. Unfortunately, the international media, which is largely controlled by Jews, played into the hands of Sharon and the settlers.

Where were they when hundreds of Palestinian families were expelled from their homes in Rafah during the intifada?"

Sharon …. a Nobel Peace Prize ? Well they gave one to Kissinger after he organized bombing the shit out of Cambodia and Laos without the US public knowing.

Maybe one for Condi, fuck me, she’s got a whole oil tanker named after her, not much left…. Except for someone to call her mother… but then a lot of people call her a mother anyway.

The pic by the way was when she was “Drive by Diplomatizing” in what will very soon be Kurdistan, No doubt Mr Barzani who needs no lessons in US perfidy will take a leaf from Mr Sharon’s book and just ignore the bitch.

Some details, with thanks from Nur al-Cubicle.

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