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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Gun crime does a number of things

246 people from 100 agencies crammed the Hanover Hotel, in Hinckley, Leicestershire, for the Independent Advisory Group on May 24/5th 2004.

On of the key speakers at this beano, was Commander Cressida Black who was Gold Commander on 22nd June when De Menezes was shot dead by Police.

The full proceedings are here, but this may be an interesting taster , pages 10/11

She said that gun crime has a large effect on communities. (Cressida was born and brought up and educated in Oxford) …. It is a sad fact that if a young black man is shot in London today, it is unlikely to hit the headlines. Gun crime does a number of things:

It wrecks lives
It creates fear
It effects confidence in and between communities
It erodes the confidence between the Police and other agencies
It has a huge economic cost with loss of investment and provoking “middle class flight”

There is often a lack of witnesses to incidents (!). The Black community can feel over policed and under protected. Consequently there is a need to improve trust between the Police and:

The communities we serve

The next result of these changes could be to produce better intelligence.

Trident, which ….is a [police led operation to deal with firearms crimes.

…The Trident approach emphasises :

Effective investigation
Focussed relentless pro-activity
Huge investment in intelligence
Effective joint working
Involving and engaging communities
Building confidence
Having independent advice

……well I can’t find a fault in the analysis of the problems that the shooting of inoccent people by Police on the streets of London causes. 10/10 on the Theory Paper and now 10/10 on the Practical. That girl will go far.

Gun crime does a number of things - must remember that line. Kinda catchy. By the way, to add a human touch , Cressida likes walking and has two "energetic" dogs. Useful to have if you take lengthy walks in the Oxfordshire country side when you have fucked up Gubment policy / image / credibility / big style.

You couldn't fucking make it up.


Stef said...

Loved that quote from Cressida's bio

'After leaving University she travelled and worked in a fish and chip shop and in a large accountancy firm'


Though the part that said

'She then progressed to ordering the execution of innocent people travelling on public transport'

got left out somewhere along the line

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm confused. What I'm reading has been saying that her orders were to detain de Menezes.

Is the story now different? If so, could you provide some links?

Not that I'm sure why I should trust anything on this story at face value including the denials that she gave an order to shoot, so far - look at how correct the original narratives were.

Stef said...

Confused? You're supposed to be

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