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Friday, August 26, 2005

Gunfight at the not OK Corral ?

Sky News reports that an outraged Met firearms guy is up in arms about the remarks of John Wadham, Deputy Chairman of the IPCC.

John Wadham, (see pic BBC) who was head of "Liberty" prior to his appointment, claimed that the IPCC "overcame" the Met's attempt to block it's enquiry, securing "an important victory for our independence".“This dispute has caused delay in us taking over the investigation, but we have worked hard to recover the lost ground,” Mr Wadham saidat the time.

According to the BBC online news service, the case was not formally handed over to the IPCC until five days after the incident. At the time the BBC said this sounded like "an unsavoury power struggle between the two organisations and is likely to leave the public even more bemused."

The BBC have just announced (Aug 25th) that they reject the complaint, as it does not refer to personal conduct and say anybody can say anything they like about the IPCC - ti is apparently a "free" country.

Meanwhile this man who is so keen that the IPCC swing into action, has released a Press statement to the effect that no information about staff will be released after Sky News reported last Thursday evening that the IPCC had suspended one of its staff. Apparently senior staff were informed that an IPCC employee was responsible for the leak of preliminary witness statements and shooting-scene photos in the de Menezes case to ITV.

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lukery said...

the good news is that there are still leaks coming out of the ipcc - it must be driving them mad to not know who it is

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