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Friday, August 26, 2005

Pushing the envelope on pubic hair.

The NY Daily News has a bombshell news item - Dolce & Gabbana(?) are offering a line of "low rise" (no doubt hi-price) men's pants / jeans , that exposes men's pubic hair.An ad featuring them makes its debut in the September issue of Esquire magazine.

The second bombshell news is contained within, veteran, bald, adman Jerry Della Femina (pic) said the photographs of these fancy pants, made sense for an envelope-pushing design house. The bombshell being this guy is still breathing - remember he brought you the memorable but unused headline he offered for Sony when they wanted to crack the US market in the early 60's for TV's -"From the People who brought you Pearl Harbour!", he's also credited with ( rather dubiously) "I honestly believe that advertising is the most fun you can have with your clothes on."... perhaps that was in the days when pubic hair was kept under wraps.

"Envelope pushing design house " dontcha just luv it ? - in the UK "envelope pushers" usually have them full of crisp fivers to buy MP's influence and are invariably free of pubic hair.

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Nur-al-Cubicle said...

Ibiza clubwear. I actually preferred last year's furry cowboy hats.

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