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Friday, July 21, 2006

Israel is accused of using chemical weapons by Belgian professor

There are persistent reports of strange effects from Israeli shelling in Beirut,a Belgian professor Bachir Cham, is the head of a hospital in Lebanon, claimed by telephone in a press conference organised by the secretary of the Tripoli archbishop, Monsignor Jean Abboud , that the Israeli military is using chemical weapons during its bombing of Lebanon.

"The bodies don't look like they normally do. After an explosion there were no traces of blood loss or subcutaneous haemorrhages [bruises],"

"The hair and sometimes the beard and the moustache remained intact. I found no traces of the pressure wave by the explosion. The colour of the skin was black like a shoe, but the skin was not carbonised or burnt."

Eight mummy-like bodies were taken to the hospital on Monday and photos taken of the corpses. Two children's bodies showed no indication of wounds resulting from an explosion.

"I have the impression that a poisonous product penetrated the body via the skin. Death follows with almost 100 percent certainty," the professor said.

A heart specialist, Mohammad Farran, said letters had been sent to the UN and the EU drawing their attention to the alleged use of chemical weapons by Israel in Lebanon.

The picture here is from Blogger Letters Apart where more information and pix are available.

The gruesome results of whatever weapon, are sufficently sickening, but the claims should be examined, promptly and by suitable qualified people - if only to discount the stories as fabrications - and not dismissed out of hand as fabciful propaganda.

More information and links at Cannonfire

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